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North India Continue to Expand in Color Cosmetics Sales

Dec 07, 2018

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Indian color cosmetics market is growing at a considerable pace owing to the rising per capita income. Further, rise in the number of working women contributes to market growth. According to the research, the North region dominated the Indian color cosmetic market in 2017. The consumption of color cosmetic is higher in the northern region compared to the South due to the cultural difference between the two regions.
The northern population is more inclined towards the appearance and aesthetic appeal and spends more on cosmetic products. Due to cultural difference, Southern region women prefer gold and other jewellery items to groom themselves instead of color cosmetics. Also, the climate of south Indian remains hot during the major proportion of the year which further impacts the cosmetics adoption. For instance, Foundation may melt in hot temperature.

India - Color Cosmetics Market by Region (2017)

In addition, most of the cosmetics are focused on fair and white skin tone, however, a majority of the South Indian population has dark complexion. So, lack of focused products negatively impacts the color cosmetics adoption in the south. Further, due to higher adoption of western culture in most of the Northern region, number of working women is high, which catalyzes the color cosmetics consumption. However, the working women trend in South India is rising which may lead to higher adoption of the color cosmetics in the region. So, the adoption of lipstick, eyeliners and nail polish is rising in the southern region, however, face make-up adoption is still a challenge.
In 2017, the northern region dominated the Indian market with more than 45% of the market share. The northern region is followed by western region in terms of color cosmetics sales. Due to the aforementioned factors, the North is expected to contribute almost half of the market during the coming years.
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