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We offer a broad range of research services on various industries, including tourism, one of the most flourishing industries of the world. Our intensive market research reports on the tourism industry are broadly categorized into Medical Tourism and Tourism. 

Our thorough and quantitative market research reports on medical tourism segment cover all key aspects of the segment, including health tourism and market trends, to help clients evaluate their growth opportunities and design future strategies.

Our vast collection of reports on the tourism industry includes research on countries like Egypt, Sub-Sahara, and Africa. We have deeply studied a region to identify tourism industry trends and evaluate services of hotel industry for tourism business, and challenges affecting the industry.

We integrate information for analysis and based on that, predict the future of the tourism industry in a given region or on worldwide basis.

Our list of Tourism Industry reports sub-categorized under Medical Tourism & Tourism is given below:

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Asian Medical Tourism Market Outlook 2018

With governments’ support and improved medical infrastructure, the medical tourism market in Asia is anticipated to post a CAGR of around 22 ...

May, 2014| Pages : 120 | Price : US$ 1600.00


Booming Medical Tourism in Singapore Outlook 2017

The Singapore medical tourism market estimated at S$ 1,740 Million in 2013, is slated to grow at a CAGR of around 30% during 2013-2017 ...

Sep, 2013| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 1000.00


Turkey Medical Tourism Outlook 2017

It is anticipated that Turkey’s medical tourism market will rise at CAGR of around 6% during 2013-2017 driven by factors such as world-class ...

Aug, 2013| Pages : 50 | Price : US$ 800.00


Asian Medical Tourism Market Forecast to 2015

With the governments` support and improving medical infrastructure of Asian countries, the medical tourism market of Asia is anticipated to ...

Jul, 2013| Pages : 75 | Price : US$ 1600.00


Booming Medical Tourism in India

With growing technical expertise, world class healthcare infrastructure, and government support, the Indian medical tourism industry will re ...

Jun, 2013| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 1000.00


Booming Medical Tourism in Malaysia

Malaysian medical tourism industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 13% driven by factors, such as cost-effective treatments, skille ...

May, 2013| Pages : 70 | Price : US$ 800.00


Booming Tourism Sector in Vietnam

The tourism revenue in Vietnam is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 13% during 2012-2015 on the back of favorable demographic profile ...

Sep, 2012| Pages : 80 | Price : US$ 700.00


China Tourism Sector New Opportunities

Within tourism industry, online tourism market is expected to exhibit a strong double digit growth in the coming years on the back of boomin ...

Jan, 2012| Pages : 75 | Price : US$ 800.00


Egypt Tourism Sector Analysis

Egypt tourism industry is anticipated to revive post July 2012 with international tourist arrivals to grow at a CAGR of more than 9% for the ...

Dec, 2011| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 600.00


Malaysia Medical Tourism Outlook 2012

Medical tourism industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 21% during 2011-2014, driven by factors, such as cost-effective treatments ...

Nov, 2011| Pages : 50 | Price : US$ 800.00


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