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Online Sales of Color Cosmetics Growing at Robust Pace

Nov 26, 2018

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With the rise in the e-commerce industry, it has been observed that the trend of online shopping has witnessed a tremendous growth. This growth in online shopping is an outcome of increased adoption of smartphones across the country and growing penetration of internet in the rural areas of the country. Further, the trust of consumers on online channels has risen over the past few years due to the efficient services provided by these giants. Like any other products, the color cosmetic products are also distributed via online sales channel.
The sales of color cosmetic products via online channels include sales via players own website or via e-commerce website. The availability of the color cosmetic products through online channels enables consumer compliance accounting to the growth of the market. Furthermore, online sales channels overcome limited product availability of retail stores due to huge product listings. In addition, online sales portal enables price and features comparison of products, resulting in better choice outcome. Also, huge variety of products through online channels allows consumers to opt desired products and influences the market growth. So, the growth of color cosmetic products via online portals is expected to grow at a double-digit CAGR during the coming years.
India - Online Sales of Color Cosmetics (Million US$)

Source: RNCOS
Furthermore, key market players are focusing on consumer satisfaction by launching custom products in the market. These novel products include anti-wrinkling and anti-aging lotions or creams. However, these products are made available to masses through online portals as retail store distribution takes time. Thus, distribution of color cosmetic products through online portals has resulted in huge consumer option and efficient and fast distribution accounting in positive market growth.  However, counterfeiting of the products is a major issue faced in online products. Manufacturer of these counterfeit products infringe copyright, trademark and patent of the brand. Counterfeiting reduces the revenue of the companies and negatively affects the growth of color cosmetics products.
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