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Australian Wine the Ever-Growing Trend in India

Nov 05, 2018

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The Indian wine industry is in inchoative stage, majorly depending upon the imports to fulfill the domestic demand of the country. Among the several importer countries, French wines are quite famous in the Indian market. However, the wines imported from Australia and California are making incursion in the market.
The Indian market has many opportunities for Australian winemakers, as India is a country with the highest population. Some factors impacting the wine market in India are swiftly altering demography, voyagers, the status of living and modern culture surging wine consumption in the country. The Indian youngest populace is showing more curiosity towards wine consumption, every year the youngest population number is increasing. Events and marriages are some of the events where wine is consumed; also it can be gifted to status oriented consumers as it is one of the sophisticated drinks known for the celebration of some special occasions. Mostly, women are the highest buyers of wine. India has some of the famous vineyards like Sula, Indage and Grover. The trade data showcases that Australia continues to be the top overseas supplier of wine followed by Italy, Chile and France.
India - Wine Imports from Country of Origin (%), 2017

Source: Ministry of Commerce
Penfolds, Lindemans, Westend Estate, AVL, D’Arenberg, Jacob’s Creek, De Bortoli, McWilliams and Wines by Geoff Hardy are some of the major Australian wine companies in India. Mumbai is India’s largest wine consumption market. Delhi has a higher consumption of international wines over domestic wines. Bangalore and Pune are vital markets for both international and domestic wines. Consumers in these cities have high awareness and consumption of various wine styles and a willingness to pay a higher price. The consumption of alcohol is banned in Gujarat, Bihar, Nagaland, and Lakshadweep, with extra limitations in several other states. State administration controls the excise, distribution, and trade of alcohol. The generosity area (restaurants, hotels, catering, pubs, and clubs) has a huge market share than the retail sector, as the Indian Government allows hotels to import alcohol duty which means the highest imported alcohol is consumed in India is in five-star hotels.
The rising Indian wine market tender Australian winemakers’ longer-term chances to engage at a mid-tier price level. Factors such as rising middle-class income, inclining trend towards wine instead of spirits and the status associated with wine meant the market is on a strong course. Many programs are launched to bring the Australian wine market in boom phase such as South Australian Government has recently launched a wine awareness program in Mumbai and Delhi to increase the profile and position of South Australia in the premium and ultra-premium wine segment. Indian market is stable and offers immense opportunity for Australian wine to penetrate the Indian wine market.
The preference of Australian wine is growing in Indian market owing to better quality and pan India availability. So, rising Australian wine preference coupled with the considerable growth in the Indian wine market and rising import of Australian wine is also rising in the country which may upsurge the Australian wine in Indian market.
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