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Why Do Wine Imports Spike During Winters

Oct 29, 2018

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During the winter season, specialty retailers and liquor shops keep their spirit sections well stocked. The last three months of the winter season is too favorable for the sales of wine owing to many festivals and the cold freezing weather. October to December, witness approx 35 percent annual sales of wines in comparison to other seasons. Buyers need to discover a wide range of presents over the Christmas timeframe and a bottle of wine is regularly the ideal answer for adults, particularly for those needing a last minute present. There are many festivals during which the import of wine increases such as Easter; Halloween, and New Year wines are the ideal complement to this very active and sociable period.
India - Month-wise Wine Import Volume and Value (Jan-Dec 2017)

Source: Indian Custom Data

Swiftly urbanization, evolving ways of life, rising disposable wages and the world's biggest youth populace has additionally added to wine's consumption in India, especially among the upper white collar class urban consumers. From 2010 to 2017, the Indian wine industry recorded a double digit intensified yearly growth rate of more than 14 percent. The overall wine market can be subdivided into imported and domestic market which accounts for 30 percent and 70 percent respectively.
In terms of volume, France is the largest exporter of wine in India followed by Italy and Australia. Notwithstanding India's developing significance in the realm of wine, little is thought about the Indian wine purchaser. As the Indian wine industry escalating and wine is consumed at a more extensive range by Indian purchasers.
The new wonder of wine-based restaurants and bistros are picking up the market in India. However, the diffusion is constrained to top 3-4 urban areas and a portion of some foremost voyagers destinations. Aside from these significant consumption areas, wine organizations are additionally attempting outlets in close-by provincial regions or vineyards, with the target of extending sales and increase brand awareness.
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