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Munching Healthier Snacks Accelerating Indian Snacks Market

Apr 02, 2018

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Owing to the shift in consumer’s preference of healthy snacks, the Indian Snacks Market is witnessing an astonishing growth. According to a new RNCOS report titled “Indian Snacks Market Forecast to 2023”, it is estimated that almost 1,000 snack items and 300 types of savories are sold across India, with many more unaccounted for. With Indian consumers constantly looking for variety and getting health conscious by the day, Healthy snacks with an authentic Indian flavor, has become the need for the day. Healthy snacks are emerging as the new trend in the Indian market. Hectic lifestyle nowadays leaves no space for elaborate family meals, thus paving the way for highly convenient, tasty and healthy snacks that serve as both appetizers as well as complete meal solutions.
As per RNCOS, latest research reports, healthy snacks segment holds very small share in the total snacks market, however, it is growing rapidly in India. Competitors, such as Balaji, Haldiram and Frito Lay are introducing healthy snacking options in the menu to cater the taste buds of health conscious customers. Strong opportunities exist for fat-free and guilt-free snacks, with penchant for innovation in terms of packaging. In this regard, Pratap Snacks launched a Seven Wonder category in the health segment. Lays producing company, Pepsi Co, will also be venturing into the health portfolio that already has Britannia’s Nutri Choice, McVities and Parle G as dominant players. Patanjali on the other hand witnessed a whopping annual growth of 146% in fiscal year 2016. The company has launched 500 products many of which are present in the FMCG category like Aarogya, Nariyal and Doodh biscuits and its atta noodles.
Emerging in India as consumers prefer consuming healthy snacks, there lies an immense opportunity for the new players to tap the fastest growing market that is expected to garner huge revenue.
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