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Asian Wines Fail to Satisfy Indian Taste Buds

Jan 18, 2019

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India has a different culture from western countries which restricts wine drinking and many Indians do not consume alcoholic beverages for religious reasons. As a result, wine marketers are generally faced with convincing drinkers accustomed to harder liquor to try wine. Access to reasonably priced quality wines is considered by some to be a key to speeding the development of a wine culture in India. Access to affordable imported wines would likely help to increase consumer demand for both imported and domestic wines. Due to growth in purchasing parity and disposable income in the major Indian cities, the Indian wine market is limited to tier-1 cities. Currently, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Bangalore are the major wine consuming cities in India. However, the state of Haryana, which contains a number of Delhi suburbs and has less restrictive excise and licensing requirements, is emerging as a significant consumer of wine.
Thus, due to the high demand, India import wines from other countries. Despite the production growth and global acquaintance of Asian wines, Indian consumers restricted the uptake of Asian wines. This is an outcome of high preference and mindset for quality European wines. During the earlier stages of the Indian wine market, Australia was one of the leading exporters to India. However, due to the aforementioned reasons, the import from Australia has declined over the past few years. Further, it has been observed that the import of wines from Asian countries has declined in the past few years losing to European contemporaries.
Asian vineyards production is restricted by limits of location and whims of weather. Due to the tropical climate, wines in the region typically do not go through a dormant stage as they would in temperate climates. So, they grow vigorously year round in the region. Asian winemakers have adopted certain tricks such as green harvest (two seasons, one crop) that enhance the harvest in the region. India, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Japan, and Indonesia are among the top wines makers in the region.
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