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Internet Protocol TV Subscriber Base Rising in France

Oct 06, 2006

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France is leading many countries in the adoption race of IPTV. According to a prediction, by 2006 end, almost half (around 1.7 million) of the Western Europe’s IPTV subscribers will be based in France, generating revenue of 141 million euros.
As per an estimate, by 2010, the subscriber base in France will reach the value of approx 5 million, just below 1/3rd of the total subscriber figure in Western Europe, providing revenue of 682 million euros. The success of IPTV in France is attributed to the combative low entry price strategy from competing players, including Free, Neuf & France Telecom. The fact that all the key Pay-TV services are ready to adopt new distribution channels is also a contributing factor in the IPTV’s success.
But high subscriber base is not the only truth of IPTV adoption in France. The high subscriber number is based on the customers who are accessing the service for free via their triple-play bundle and not on those who are actually utilizing and paying for the service.
The recent report by RNCOS, “Global IPTV Market Analysis (2006-2010)”, puts forth that France is among the most accessible markets in Europe having an IPTV penetration level of over 1%. It is also expected that the revenue generated from France’s IPTV service will amount to nearly US $182 million by 2006 end. The subscriber base is likely to reach 5 million & generate $ 875 million in sales by 2010.
The report provides unbiased analyses of the Global IPTV Market. Also, it addresses the issues and facts that are critical for business success:
 - Past performance of IPTV
 - Trends & developments in the present IPTV Market in respect to total expenditure, service revenue, Revenue per user, subscriber base etc. across Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific regions.
 - Future of IPTV Market region wise, country wise and globally
 - Factors driving IPTV markets
 - Applications and opportunities for IPTV
 - Status of different IPTV service providers across the world

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