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European IPTV Growth Predicted

Sep 19, 2006

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Recently, a number of IPTV or Internet protocol television networks have been deployed aggressively across Europe. These include namely France Telecom, Italy’s Fast Web and Spain’s Telefonica. Even Scandinavian countries are seeing a number of competitive offerings for deploying IPTV networks.
The European subscriber base of broadband television services is expected to grow twofold in the current year and is likely to exceed beyond 4 million by 2008. At present IPTV transmitted over broadband networks has very low penetration level in Europe, with only 0.2 percent of the households with televisions. However, within the end of the period up till 2008, there will be more than 6 million houses beaming with IPTV in Europe, explaining the near five percent increase of overall subscribers of pay television.
Facilities that have been discussed for long time – such as video-on-demand - are at last within the reach of the customers. In fact users have never before been offered so many options related to television content. The commotion in the past 18 months has definitely had a constructive influence on the IPTV industry all over Europe. Adding to the growth momentum the European union will start shifting from analog to digital entertainment, which will make IPTV a necessity.
As per RNCOS’ lately issued report titled “Global IPTV Market Analysis (2006-2010)”, the IPTV industry in Europe is one of the most inviting Global IPTV industries. There’s a continuous increase in requirement for IPTV services in Europe, the networks are continually amended and there is continual improvement in the quality of new services like single-play to Triple play.
The research report by RNCOS also tackles the matter and details that are significant for success in business:
- The past performance of Global IPTV Market
- The drift in the current IPTV Market regarding Global total IPTV capital expenditure, Global IPTV service revenue, Global IPTV revenue per subscriber, Global IPTV subscriber base etc.
- The Prospect of Global IPTV Market including different Regional IPTV Market 
- The driving forces impelling the Global IPTV markets
- The uses and prospects of IPTV.
- The various Global IPTV Service Revenue
The market research report “Global IPTV Market Analysis (2006-2010)”, prepared by RNCOS offers comprehensive research and target study of the Global IPTV Market, its working and the Global Broadband Subscribers Forecast. The report Global IPTV Subscribers enhances Global Consumer Awareness of IPTV with special emphasis on the drifts and growth in the Global IPTV Market throughout Asia Pacific Regions, Europe, and North America.
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