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IPTV- Latest Buzzword in the World of Entertainment

Sep 12, 2006

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IPTV is gaining momentum at present, as it offers much more than pure entertainment to subscribers. Unlike traditional TV, which used to be a source of entertainment, IPTV provides multiple-services to its subscribers.
IPTV is a key ingredient in a triple play, which is defined as a bundled customer proposition where one organization offers telephony, TV and Internet services over a single network. So, triple play can be assumed as one of the facets of convergence.
Widespread availability and maturity of broadband, demand for quality content that consumers would like to pay for, and continuous search for new sources of revenue are a few reasons behind this surge in the development of IPTV and other Internet-based methods of delivery.
Recently, RNCOS has published a market research report “Global IPTV Market Analysis (2006-2010)”. As per the report, “In Europe, revenue in IPTV is anticipated to touch a mark of $1.2 bn in 2010, whereas it was just $62Mn in 2004. IPTV penetration is forecasted to rise from below 1% in 2004 to nearly 6% by 2009”.
Issues and Facts analyzed
-Past performance of Global IPTV Market.
- Global IPTV Market Analysis.
- Current trends in IPTV Market with respect to total expenditure, service revenue, revenue per user, subscriber base etc.
- Future predictions about the industry.
- Consumer Awareness about IPTV service
- Key factors driving the IPTV markets.
- The applications and opportunities associated with IPTV.
- The status of different IPTV service providers across the world.
The report is an excellent document for
Decision-makers, as it provides extensive research and objective analysis of the Global IPTV Market, its performance and its future prospects. It’ll help clients analyze the trends and developments in IPTV Market across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific Regions.
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