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Asia-Pacific will Outpace Europe in IPTV Market

Feb 05, 2008

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IPTV is a new age technology in which digital television service is delivered using the Internet Protocol (IP) over network infrastructure. The global IPTV industry is rapidly expanding with the rising penetration of broadband in households all over the world, says “Global IPTV: Market Analysis and Forecast to 2011”, a comprehensive market research report by RNCOS, a leading market research company.
The report has found that the global IPTV market is currently dominated by Europe but it is expected that Asia will emerge as a stronger competitor to Europe in coming years. The number of broadband subscribers will take long jump in the Asia-Pacific region and it is expected to grow at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 91% during 2006-2011. RNCOS report has thoroughly studied the reasons that are promoting the IPTV market in the Asia-Pacific region with special focus on the implications of regulations, penetration of personal computers and quality of broadband service.
The report has also discovered that only six countries from the Asia-Pacific region, namely South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Macao, came in the world’s top 20 countries, which had good broadband penetration in 2005, as measured by the International Telecommunication Union. But India and China, two fastest developing economies, will also be included in these six countries as the number of broadband subscription is rising in these countries, including rural areas. In fact, the rural areas of both the countries are offering enormous growth opportunities for the expansion of broadband. However, the Philippines is also expected to join the league soon.

Though the IPTV market is expected to grow at a high rate in Asia-Pacific region in coming years, there are many challenges in the way. The RNCOS report has deeply studied the forces that can obstruct the expansion rate of IPTV service in the region. 
Global IPTV: Market Analysis and Forecast to 2011” is a comprehensive evaluation of the past performance, current market trends and future prospects of the IPTV technology. It has analyzed the IPTV market trends in various parts of the world including Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific region. Besides, the report also focuses on the global as well as regional IPTV subscriber base, broadband subscribers and service revenue.

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