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Booming Medical Tourism in Singapore Outlook 2017

Booming Medical Tourism in Singapore Outlook 2017

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Publish Date : Sep, 2013| No. of Pages : 55

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The Singapore medical tourism industry is going through a phenomenal growth phase, offering immense opportunities for players involved in the business. After the global economic downturn in 2009, the market is growing exceptionally in each and every field of medical treatments. Healthcare expenses in developed countries together with the issue of time are leading people to seek affordable yet world class healthcare services in developing countries such as Singapore.

In their latest research study, “Booming Medical Tourism in Singapore Outlook 2017”, RNCOS analysts have identified and deciphered the market dynamics in important segments to clearly highlight the areas offering promising possibilities for hospitals to boost their growth. The market, which estimated at S$ 1,740 Million in 2013, is slated to grow at a CAGR of around 30% during 2013-2017.

The report, in a thorough manner, studies the Singapore medical tourism market vis-a-vis various grounds. A comprehensive study of the current market scenario along with the existing medical infrastructure covering hospitals and healthcare human resources has been done. Moreover, different drivers and characteristics of the market have been discussed along with forecasts to provide an understanding of the market dynamics. This section intends to aid hospitals in designing their business strategies and provide them with key insights that can help them boost their profits.

The report also covers an analysis of the healthcare industry, broken down into five major procedures viz., Cardiac, Orthopedic, Neurological & Spinal Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Dental procedures. This has helped the analysts to clearly identify and highlight the procedures offering maximum opportunity for growth. Moreover, for an analysis of the costs of getting treatment in Singapore versus other countries, a primary research has been conducted.

Besides, the report covers government regulations to provide a comprehensive picture of the Singapore medical tourism industry to RNCOS’ clients. The study delves into a detailed description and key statistics of the major hospitals in the industry. Accordingly, through a primary research, the report highlights the participation of these hospitals in the medical tourism industry by covering patients’ visits by destination and the most popular treatments that international patients avail. This, hopefully, will help the reader gain a deeper insight into the competitive scenario of the industry. In nutshell, the research provides all the prerequisite information for intending clients looking out to venture into these markets, and facilitates them to devise strategies, while going for an investment/partnership in the Singapore medical tourism industry.

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