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Nanotechnology: The New Buzz Word in Dental Care

Nov 30, 2012

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Global nanotechnology market has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years. The application of nanotechnology has significantly influenced the different industries by creating opportunities for improvement in respective industries. The nanotechnology has emerged as a boon for the dental care industry. It decreases the healing time and improves the Osseo-integration during dental implant. Further the use of nanotechnology in dental care will be increasing due to the rising demand for specialty treatments in dental industry. Moreover, due to these advancements, many leading companies are adopting nanotechnology in their implants. In addition, considering all the factors, it is projected that global nanotechnology market will grow at a CAGR of 20.3 % during 2012-2014.

According to a new research report by RNCOS, titled "Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2014", R&D funding in nanotechnology is increasing by the countries across the world. The corporate funding has the highest share followed by the government and venture capital funding. Further, as per our findings, the US is the world’s most prominent nanotechnology market and will continue to enjoy the biggest share of the global industry in the coming years.

Further, our report includes the comprehensive analysis of major applications of nanotechnology in different sectors like electronics, cosmetics, and defense. It also covers the in-depth research on the nanotechnology in biomedical sciences along with the nanoparticles medical applications. In addition, the increasing applications of the nanotechnology in these sectors will propel the growth of the global nanotechnology market.

Our report, "Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2014", depicts the picture of current and expected status of the industry in various countries like the US, UK, China, India etc. It also covers the patent analysis of the nanotechnology along with the regulatory environment of the industry. In addition, our report also includes the detailed analysis of key players along with the key market trends and developments to present a balanced research outlook of the global nanotechnology industry.

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