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The World Nanotechnology Market (2005)

The World Nanotechnology Market (2005)

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Publish Date : Oct, 2005| No. of Pages : 85

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Nanotechnology, the science of minuscule molecule with its continuous developments, is undoubtedly becoming a very important aspect for modern life. Its impact is most felt in sectors like biotechnology, electronics, energy and industrial products. The nano tools of nanostructured materials are used to make items like nanotubes, nanoelectronics, nanocatalysts, nanophotonic devices, nanosensors and other nano devices.

A market research report “The World Nanotechnology Market 2005” published by RNCOS is an in depth study of the commercial potentials and the economic advantages of this recent technology in the global nanotechnology market. The market research report predicts that nanotechnology would exceed $1,000 billion by end 2010 in the world economy. The increase in demand for nanoscale materials, tools and devices would reach $28.7 billion in as soon as 2008. These would help medical scientists, engineers and other researchers to invent and innovate in the fields of health, IT, communications and consumer goods.

To facilitate R&D, government has increased nanotechnology spending to over $3 billion per annum. At the same time, the venture capitalists have also increased their investments six times over the previous two years. For instance, companies like Intel, IBM, DuPont, 3M, General Electric, Samsung and Hitachi have spent $3.8 billion in 2004. This has been divided into 46% by nanotechnology companies in North America, 36% by Asian companies, 17% by European companies and about 1% by rest of the world. The National Nanotechnology Initiative has declared a fund of $982 million for nanotechnology R&D for 2006.

The market research report by RNCOS deals with nanotechnology applications worldwide. It gives the status of nanotechnology patents and IP, market for nanoparticles, and annual sales of nanotechnology tools and instruments. The market research report delineates the activities of important companies, the national and local governments’ expenditure on nanotechnology R&D in emerging technologies and evaluates the challenges and how to overcome them.


 –  Milestones in the development of nanotechnology.
 –  Global nanotechnology market trends, 2004-2008
 –  Global Nanotechnology industry structure by geographical regions, components/products and applications.
 –  Current and potential nanotechnology applications’ market growth
 –  Applications and end users with the greatest commercial potential through 2008
 –  Government and private companies’ expenditures for research and development in nanotechnology industry.
 –  Number of patents filed in Nanotechnology sector in 2004-05
 –  Factors that will influence the long-term development of nanotechnology
 –  Social and economic impact of Nanotechnologies
 –  Mergers and acquisitions in Nanotechnology industry during 2004-05
 –  Important developments and breakthroughs.


The market research report is essentially meant for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketing executives, government officials and other readers to give an idea of this market in the next 5 years. Chapter 2 provides an introduction to Nanotechnology. Chapter 3 tells about global nanotechnology market by geographical regions, components/products and applications. Chapter 4 covers future impact of nanotechnology on economy and society. Chapter 5 talks about nanotechnology research and development expenditure by geographical regions, national agencies and organizations. Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 give an analysis of nanotechnology patents, public attitudes on this industry, mergers and acquisitions and recent industry activities and developments respectively. Finally, chapter 10 gives the company profiles of key players.

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