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Medical Device Market in China to Exhibit Substantial Growth

Nov 04, 2010

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Our research report China Healthcare Sector Analysis has found that the reforms in the Chinese healthcare sector are in full swing. Medical device market is expected to register the maximum growth in the industry. The government’s decision to improve the healthcare infrastructure in rural areas will result in increasing demand for medical devices and equipments. Backed by this increasing demand, the medical device market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% during 2010-2012. In this regard, our report provides rational analysis of various factors, which will drive this market segment during the forecast period.
China healthcare industry is blessed with several advantages like large population of the country, increasing ageing population, increasing prevalence of lifestyle disease, and many more. Backed by all these factors, Chinese healthcare sector is expected to outperform other sectors in the country in terms of growth. We have also found other factors, which are driving the Chinese healthcare sector. Besides, the report has discussed healthcare expenditure and financial analysis with its future outlook till 2012.
Our study has found that currently, most of the health services in China are provided by the government. The government is introducing several reforms to improve the sector. One of the biggest steps taken by the government is the privatization of the sector. A number of private hospitals providing world-class treatment have opened up in China and many more are expected to open in coming years. Our report provides a detail study on health services market in China. It also throws light on its structure, infrastructure, functioning, and foreign investment.
We have found that the the pharmaceutical market is also expected to grow at a double digit CAGR to become one of the top five markets. The report provides a detail analysis on the pharmaceutical market along with future outlook till 2012. We have found that the robust growth in China healthcare market is expected to boost the healthcare IT market. Our report has discussed all the emerging sectors of the China healthcare industry.

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