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Green Go to Derma Clinical Trial - How will it Shape Industry?

Dec 21, 2018

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The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has now passed approval to various dermatology clinics and plastic surgery centers for the purpose of conducting clinical trials and drug development for skin and hair in India. DCGI is the highest regulatory authority in India which gives permission to clinics and hospitals based on a set of parameters and guidelines to perform clinical trials. Such guidelines ensure that the concerned products fulfill quality standards, and hence the patient rights. This decision to pass approval was taken to help reduce costs pertaining to product testing and hence, develop innovative cosmetic, dermatology and plastic surgery products. Indian pharmaceutical companies will certainly benefit by having access to quality research facilities and laboratories in India, thereby saving time and money to go broad and conduct the trials.
Currently, people are constantly looking for better and advanced skin and hair products for themselves. The demand will only increase due to the growing need for attaining the best facial aesthetics. After the consent for clinical trials from DCGI, it is expected that a number of newer products and technology will be entering the Indian market now than before. Huge multinational companies can now easily enter the Indian market at much lower costs, and hence generating profits. Various clinics are at the lead of cutting-edge global clinical research. They specialize in dermatology clinical trials, by mastering new challenges with creativity and inspiration. Such clinics aim to develop individualized and product-specific solutions for patients that are also target-orientated.
Clinical trials of derma and hair products will not only validate the safety and effectiveness of each new product but also take all aspects into account, from tolerance to the most suitable formulation. In addition, clinical trials will result in knowing the latest progress in skin biology and thus meet the needs of dermatologists and the expectations of their patients. Another significant aspect of clinical research is the product’s testing on Indian skin. Various aesthetic products are launched in India based on clinical trials conducted abroad on Caucasians or black population and not on the Indian population. Indian skin might have different responses to particular medicines; hence, it becomes necessary to conduct clinical trials in Indian population for whom the product is developed for.
Skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and atopic dermatitis are among the most common health problems in India. Clinical trials will provide treatments that not only offer objective improvements in clinical disease status but also treat patients most effectively with new and innovative therapies. However, clinical trials can be complex and factors that would clear the hurdles within the trial such as preregistration of the trial, reporting of all generated data, clear statistical methods, and publication of all results will pave the way for an effective and powerful treatment. With properly designed derma clinical trials and research in India, the goal to improve the health and lives of patients seeking treatment related to skin and hair will be consistently achieved.
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