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Metal industries are the indispensable part of an economy; they form the backbone of industrial development of any country. Metal industry has been at the very epicenter of global economic movements over the last several years.

We help clients-from small and large organizations to niche players and commodity producers-to discover the solutions that matter through the entire value chain from mining through distribution.

Our experienced team of research experts studies a wide gamut of industry sources and offer valuable insights into various industry metals such as - Steel, Aluminum, and Nickel - under our metal industry portfolio. We help clients identify and grab the growth opportunities to maximize their prospects in the metal industry.

Our market research reports provide information and analysis on various topics like production, consumption, import and export scenario of the metal industry, future growth verticals, raw material outlook, demand-supply balance and competitive analysis.

Our list of Metal reports sub-categorized under Steel, Aluminium & Nickel is given below:

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Nickel Market Outlook (2007)

The supply-demand gap for nickel is increasing with limited supply and increasing demand. Worldwide nickel production growth will be limited ...

Nov, 2006| Pages : 65 | Price : US$ 1500.00  750.00


China Steel Industry Analysis (2006)

In the recent past, China has emerged as a major growth driver in the global steel industry. Since 1989, china has contributed 56% of the gl ...

Sep, 2006| Pages : 40 | Price : US$ 1000.00  500.00


US Aluminum Market (2006)

Energy and labor are two of the major costs for companies in the aluminum industry. Each of these represents a share of about 33% of the tot ...

Sep, 2006| Pages : 35 | Price : US$ 1000.00  500.00


US Steel Industry - Future Outlook

US Steel industry is closely linked with domestic economic growth & global steel market situation. The economics of the Steel industry has b ...

Jul, 2006| Pages : 40 | Price : US$ 800.00  400.00


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