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Nickel Market Outlook (2007)

Nickel Market Outlook (2007)

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Publish Date : Nov, 2006| No. of Pages : 65

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RNCOS’ “Nickel Market Outlook (2007)” report provides extensive research and objective analysis on the Nickel Market, its performance and its future prospects. It helps the clients analyze the trends and developments in Nickel Market as well as gain exclusive insights of Nickel industry in 8 important countries, namely US, Canada, China, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Italy and UK.

The report contains detailed data on Global as well as Country-specific Nickel market i.e. Nickel production and consumption by product and industry, price movements, import levels, supply and demand analysis, Austenitic and Scrap ratio analysis etc. It will help the client to understand the driving forces of nickel metal along with the future opportunities.

Key Findings

 - There is a huge demand for nickel across the world, as it’s widely used in almost every sector. The main demand driver is stainless steel production level.
 - Both the European and the Asia Pacific regions are the largest consumers of nickel. The factors that are driving the growth in these regions vary from country to country.
 - The supply-demand gap for nickel is increasing with limited supply and increasing demand. Worldwide nickel production growth will be limited in 2006.
 - The austenitic ratio (nickel based stainless steel) is increasing while the scrap ratio is decreasing in 2006.
 - The future opportunities are immense, particularly, in aerospace sector, Gas turbine manufacturing sector and nickel based battery sector.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed

 - What are the trends in global Nickel Market with respect to market value, production, consumption, price etc?
 - What is the supply and demand situation of nickel on the global level?
 - What is the situation of Nickel stock and Contracts on London Metal Exchange?
 - Which are the top ten countries by production and consumption levels?
 - Which are the top ten companies by production level?
 - What does the austenitic and scrap ratio for nickel containing steel indicates?
 - What are the driving forces for the nickel industry?
 - What are the Challenges associated?
 - What are the future opportunities for nickel?

Key Players

This section provides the overview, key facts, financials, and stock performance of several players like Inco Limited, Norilsk, BHP Billiton Limited, and OM group. 

Research Methodology Used

Information Sources
Information has been sourced from many sources like, books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, industry news and developments and through access to more than 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Methods
The analysis methods includes the following: Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis using software tools, Judgmental Forecasting and Cause and Effect Analysis.

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