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The world is developing rapidly but fast depleting energy resources and high oil prices are leading to energy crunch in many countries, making it difficult for businesses to sustain operations. We provide innovative and business-centric solutions on energy market to our clients to decide their future strategies. 

Our reports provide qualitative research on the energy market and cover both renewable energy resources, like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Energy, and Nuclear Energy, and non-renewable energy resources (Fossil Fuels), like Coal, and Oil & Gas, including LPG, Natural Gas, and CNG.

Our team of research analysts with expertise in using advanced research methodologies makes strategically planned reports providing insight into demand-supply analysis, information on fuel reserves, production & consumption, pricing structure, trade analysis, and future prospects of the energy market.

Our reports on energy sector are as follows:

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China Wind Sector Analysis

The cumulative wind power installed capacity is forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 43% during 2010-2012. ...

Dec, 2009| Pages : 50 | Price : US$ 800.00  300.00


South Korean Energy Sector Analysis

In 2007, the country had 96.5% overseas energy dependence. Recognizing its high dependency on external sources, South Korea has been trying ...

May, 2009| Pages : 35 | Price : US$ 500.00


Nuclear Energy - A New Hope for India

In FY 2008, total nuclear power installation capacity reached just over 4 GWe. Once India starts getting international cooperation its capac ...

Nov, 2008| Pages : 65 | Price : US$ 800.00  400.00


US Nuclear Energy Outlook

Due to deregulation, the US nuclear industry is projected to continue to witness ownership consolidation, presenting opportunities for inves ...

Nov, 2008| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 800.00  400.00


Wind Power: Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Wind power industry will be the major focus area in India during its 11th Five Year Plan. By the end of 2009, wind power installation in Tur ...

Oct, 2008| Pages : 70 | Price : US$ 1600.00  800.00


Russian Oil and Gas Industry Analysis

Domestic consumption of natural gas is projected to rise at a CAGR of 4% (2008-2012). Russian natural gas export to Europe and Asia is expec ...

Apr, 2008| Pages : 70 | Price : US$ 1100.00  550.00


Indian Coal Industry Outlook till 2012

Coal requirement for the power utility will grow at a CAGR of around 10% during (2007-2012). Coking coal requirement in steel production is ...

Feb, 2008| Pages : 75 | Price : US$ 1100.00  550.00


Spain Energy Sector Outlook

Spain is a net energy importer, with imports accounting for 99% of its total annual oil and natural gas consumption and 50% of its coal cons ...

Jun, 2007| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 1000.00  500.00


China Energy Sector Analysis

Natural gas accounted only for 3% of China energy mix in year 2005. For this, Chinese government has see the target of 10% till the year 20 ...

Apr, 2007| Pages : 60 | Price : US$ 1050.00  525.00


Indian Coal Industry: Opportunities for Growth (2006)

Most coal produced in India comes from open pit mines contributing over 81% of the total production. A number of large open pit mines of cap ...

Dec, 2006| Pages : 55 | Price : US$ 1000.00  500.00


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