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South Korean Energy Sector Analysis

South Korean Energy Sector Analysis

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Publish Date : May, 2009| No. of Pages : 35

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The energy industry in South Korea has reported remarkable growth in the past few decades, says "South Korean Energy Sector Analysis", a new research report by RNCOS. Rapid expansion of manufacturing & heavy industry is the major driving force for the energy industry. However, South Korea is almost entirely dependent on imports to meet its energy demand because of limited domestic energy resources.

In 2007, the country had 96.5% overseas energy dependence. Recognizing its high dependency on external sources, South Korea has been trying to diversify its energy supply by developing new overseas resources. The importance of nuclear power & renewable source of energy is growing to ensure security and diversity of energy supply. Shift from fossil fuels source to non-fossil fuels will also help to reduce the dependence of energy industry on import.

Besides, the government R&D policies & measures coupled with on going liberalization process and energy reforms will open up the window of opportunities in the South Korean energy industry, particularly for renewable energy source.

The report provides a comprehensive research and prudent analysis on the South Korean energy industry. The focus of the report is on petroleum, gas, coal and alternative sources of energy. This extensive research will help clients to identify the market trends and evaluate the leading-edge opportunities critical for the success of the energy market. The report also gives an overview of various factors driving the market.

Our research provides forecast on

- Primary Energy Consumption
- Petroleum Consumption
- Natural Gas Consumption
- Coal Consumption
- Electricity Consumption

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