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Promising Outlook - US Cancer Vaccine Market

Promising Outlook - US Cancer Vaccine Market

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Publish Date : Aug, 2018| No. of Pages : 150

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1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Cancer Statistics by Demographics
    3.1 Incidences and Mortality
    3.2 Leading States by Incidences
    3.3 Leading Cancers by Incidences
          3.3.1 Male Cancer Incidences
          3.3.2 Female Cancer Incidences
          3.3.3 Children Cancer Incidences
4. Market Dynamics
    4.1 Drivers
          4.1.1 Rising Cancer Incidences
          4.1.2 Ability to Reduce Healthcare Expenditure
          4.1.3 Rising Awareness
          4.1.4 Patient Assistance Programs
          4.1.5 Government Initiatives
          4.1.6 Strong Pipeline
          4.1.7 Technological Advancements
    4.2 Restraints
          4.2.1 High Cost of Cancer Vaccines
          4.2.2 Side-Effects of Cancer Vaccines
          4.2.3 Vaccine Supply Shortages
          4.2.4 Insurance Issues Related to Cancer Vaccination
    4.3 Opportunities
          4.3.1 Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
          4.3.2 Adjuvant Cancer Vaccines
5. Cancer Vaccines Market Outlook
    5.1 Key Product Analysis
          5.1.1 Provenge
          Market Analysis
                   5.1.2 T-Vec/Imlygic
                   Market Analysis
                   5.1.3 HPV Vaccine
                               Market Analysis
                               Market Analysis
                    5.1.4 HBV Vaccines
                    Engerix-B & Twinrix
                                Market Analysis
                    Recombivax HB
                                Market Analysis
                    Pediarix/ Infanrix
                                Market Analysis
6. Cancer Vaccines Market by Cancer Type
7. Cancer Vaccine Market by Application
8. Potential Cancer Vaccine Candidates: An Opportunity Assessment
    8.1 Prophylactic Vaccine
    8.2 Therapeutic Vaccine
           8.2.1 Prostate Cancer
           8.2.2 Breast Cancer
           8.2.3 Lung Cancer
           8.2.4 Colorectal Cancer
9. US Patent Analysis
    9.1 Patents by Year
    9.2 Patents by Category
           9.2.1 Utility Patents
           9.2.2 Design Patents
           9.2.3 Plant Patents
    9.3 Patents by Company
    9.4 Patents by Assignee Type
          9.4.1 By Assignee Name
          9.4.2 By Assignee State
10. Regulatory Environment
      10.1 Vaccine Approval Process
      10.2 FDA Guidance for Industry: Clinical Considerations for Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
              10.2.1 Considerations for both Early and Late Phase Clinical Trials
                Patient Population
                Monitoring the Immune Response
                Biomarkers as Evidence of Efficacy
                Adjuvants Used to Stimulate Immune Response
                Multi-antigen Vaccines
                Disease Progression/Recurrence Immediately or Shortly after the Initial Administration of Cancer Vaccines
                Concomitant and Subsequent Therapies
              10.2.2 Considerations for Early Phase Clinical Trials
                Starting Dose and Dosing Schedule
                Booster and Maintenance Therapy
                Dose Escalation
                Single-arm versus Randomized Phase-2 Trials in Early Development
               10.2.3 Considerations for Late Phase Clinical Trials
                 Safety Profile from Early Phase Clinical Trials
                 Statistical Issues
                 Control Issues
                 Delayed Vaccine Effect
                 Autologous Vaccine Trials
                 Accelerated Approval Regulations
11. Competitive Landscape
12. Company Profiles
      12.1 Merck & Co., Inc.
      12.2 GlaxoSmithKline plc.
      12.3 Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC
      12.4 Amgen Inc.
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