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Health Insurance Market - The Changing Dynamics

Health Insurance Market - The Changing Dynamics

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Publish Date : Nov, 2017| No. of Pages : 55

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1. Analyst View
2. Healthcare Demographics
    2.1 Healthcare Demographic in Major State
          2.1.1 Delhi
          2.1.2 Tamil Nadu
          2.1.3 Andhra Pradesh
          2.1.4 Chhattisgarh
          2.1.5 Telangana
3. Indian Insurance Industry - Introduction
    3.1 Indian Insurance Industry
    3.2 Life Insurance Industry & Non-Life Insurance Industry
4. Indian Health Insurance Industry Segmentation
    4.1 By Number of Policies
    4.2 By Number of Person Covered
    4.3 Health Insurance Industry by Premium
    4.4 Health Insurance Industry Segmentation
          4.4.1 Health Insurance Premium by Business
          4.4.2 Health Insurance Premium by Channel
    4.5 Health Insurance Claim by Insurers
          4.5.1 By Players (Private & Public)
5. Indian Health Insurance Scheme
    5.1 Individual Insurance Scheme
    5.2 Family Floater Insurance Scheme
    5.3 Group Insurance Scheme
    5.4 Government Sponsored Scheme
6. Health Insurance Analysis by Region & State
7. Health Insurers by Sector
    7.1 Public Sector Health Insurance
    7.2 Private Sector Health Insurance
    7.3 Standalone Health Insurance
8. Market Trends and Drivers
    8.1 Digital Insurance Kindling the Health Insurance Sector
    8.2 New Entrants Rekindling the Reinsurance Industry
    8.3 Flexible Insurance Products by Players
    8.4 Foreign Direct Investment
    8.5 Expanding Middle Class Population
    8.6 Increasing Literacy Rate and Awareness
    8.7 Increase in Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
9. Government Policies and Initiatives
10. Industry Challenges
     10.1 High Quantum of Premium
     10.2 Health Insurance: Luxury for rural population
     10.3 Inadequate Healthcare Infrastructure
     10.4 Skewed Distribution of Health Business across various States and Union
     10.5 Insufficient Data for Health Insurance Plans
     10.6 High Claim Ratio
     10.7 Low Consumer Awareness
11. Health Insurance Industry: Road Ahead
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