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US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020

US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020

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Publish Date : Jul, 2015| No. of Pages : 130

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In the face of an alarmingly rising incidences of cancer and limited treatment options, physicians are being forced to look for precautionary vaccines beyond the conventional treatments. Hence, many research institutes and companies are now investing in developing prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines to curb this deadly disease. Amongst the various cancers, those of the respiratory system, digestive system, lymph nodes, prostate and breast are the leading cancers among Americans. The US represents the most promising market for cancer vaccines across the globe, accounting for over 58% share in 2014.

The prophylactic vaccines currently available in the market include Merck’s Gardasil, GSK’s Cervarix and several other Hepatitis B vaccines while the only therapeutic vaccine in the market is Dendreon’s Provenge. The report, “US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020”, provides an analysis of the current market size for these vaccines along with the future estimations. In depth, a perspective has been provided for the various factors that will govern the growth of each of these vaccines along with the constraints that limit them.

Merck and GSK are expected to continue to be undisputed market leaders in the prophylactic cancer vaccine segment as the launch of a new cancer vaccine is unlikely in the next 3-4 years. The research and innovation for cancer vaccines is highly robust and several candidates are being studied for their roles in cancer. Trials are focusing more on the therapeutic vaccines and this segment can be expected to evolve greatly in the years to come. Amongst the various studies, a vaccine for lung cancer can be expected to come up soon with promising candidates such as GSK1572932A and GV1001 having entered phase 3 trials.

The report also covers the FDA's vaccine approval process and its guidance to the industry for developing therapeutic cancer vaccines. Therapeutic vaccines currently account only for about 12% share in the US cancer vaccine market, but this share can be expected to increase post 2018 with a high focus on developing therapeutics for various cancer types.

In particular, the report is an outcome of an extensive research and prudent analysis of the cancer vaccine market in the world and in the US. It provides an effective analysis of the market drivers, current market size and future estimates. It also provides the key constraints faced by the aforementioned cancer vaccine products that can hinder the market’s growth in future. Further, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the pipeline cancer vaccines in phase 1-4 clinical stages of most prevalent cancers in the US. The regulatory environment detailing the whole cancer vaccine approval process along with FDA's guidelines for clinical proceedings of cancer therapeutic vaccines has also been provided.

Furthermore, the report highlights the competitive landscape of the US cancer vaccine market, describing the business, financials, strengths and weaknesses, and recent developments of major industry players. This will help the reader to gain crucial insight into the key market players’ performances and strategies for growth. Holistically, the research provides all the prerequisite information for clients looking to make a debut in this industry and facilitates them to formulate schemes while going for an investment/partnership in the US cancer vaccine market.

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