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UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook 2020

UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook 2020

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Publish Date : Jun, 2015| No. of Pages : 135

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The UAE Healthcare market is witnessing an astonishing growth. This is due to increasing number of diseases associated with lifestyle and growing medical tourism in the region. Strong demands for quality healthcare services and ever increasing rates of diseases have given a push to this healthcare sector. UAE is actively expanding its national healthcare system to meet the medical needs of its citizen.

The UAE Government is also liberalizing policies to attract foreign investments, in order to improvise the healthcare standard and boost the healthcare industry. Our holistic research and analysis depicts that the healthcare market of UAE will grow at a CAGR of around 7% during the forecast period 2015 to 2020.

According to latest research report titled, “UAE Healthcare Sector Outlook 2020”, it’s observes that numerous collaborations, strategic tie ups between healthcare stakeholders, public and private entities are emerging to enhance the healthcare industry. Moreover, UAE is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Travelers across the globe seek cosmetic surgery in UAE for which it is well known. Further, Government is trying to boost the healthcare sector by making healthcare insurance mandatory in the region.

Our report provides an extensive information and rational analysis of UAE’s healthcare market. An individual market analysis of key emirates describing their healthcare infrastructures, resources and future outlook will help build a clear understanding of the industry’s performance.

All current trends too have been evaluated in the report. The report also discusses opportunity level in the pharmaceutical market and shares medical devices like diagnostic equipments, medical consumables, dental products and assistive devices. The devices are witnessing sharp growth along with the healthcare market as government has set to focus on the domestic manufacturing of such devices.

Overall, with an in depth-analysis of shortages and demand for hospital beds and number of hospital doctors, the report concludes with an analysis of market players in hospital service and pharmaceutical companies, providing details of inpatient & outpatient, and production capacity respectively along with business overview of each player. Thus, this will help readers to gain a deeper insight into the competitive scenario of the industry.

In nutshell, the research provides all the prerequisite information for intending clients looking out to endeavour into the market and facilitates them to devise strategies while going for an investment/partnership in the UAE healthcare sector.

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