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Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2007-2010)

Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2007-2010)

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Publish Date : Feb, 2008| No. of Pages : 125

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The research report “Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2007-2010)” by RNCOS gives an exhaustive analysis on the global insulin market and various Insulin delivery methods. The report investigates the market for various devices used for delivering insulin, including syringes, pens, pumps, needle-free injectors and inhalers. It also takes into account pros and cons of each device and gives a detailed analysis on their future prospects. 

The insulin market, driven by the increasing prevalence of diabetes, is presently witnessing robust double-digit growth, thus pushing strong demand for insulin delivery devices. Most of the insulin today is available in injectable form through syringes, pens, pumps and needle-free devices, however, the pain and inconvenience of most of these devices are driving pharmaceutical companies to discover other ‘painless’ modes of insulin delivery, particularly oral methods.

In the search for introducing painless devices, Exubera, the first inhalable insulin, was launched by Pfizer in 2006. However, the device failed to create any major impact and received only a fraction of prescriptions before the company finally decided to stop selling it in 2007. A similar fate is expected for other inhalable insulin. Nevertheless, the market for insulin continues to be immensely lucrative with around 380 Million people having diabetes by 2025, driving drug companies to continue to eye this market which will always be a good bet.

Key Findings

  - The insulin market is expected to witness double-digit growth during 2007-2012.
  - By 2025, nearly one-third of total diabetes patients will be from India and China and both have relatively nascent but emerging insulin markets.
  - Insulin syringes and pumps dominate the US market.
  - Majority of users in Europe and Japan continue to use pen devices.
  - Needle-free injectors have been launched in the market decades ago, but so far, have failed to create a major impact.
  - Exubera, the first inhalable insulin, which was earlier thought to be a billion dollar 
    blockbuster, turned out to be one of the biggest flops in pharmaceutical history.

Key Issues & Facts Analyzed

  - Evaluation of past, current and future market trends
  - Discussion about the modes of insulin delivery
  - A detailed analysis of the major insulin delivery devices
  - Analysis of pros and cons of major insulin devices
  - Scope of the major insulin delivery systems all over the world
  - Analysis of various challenges and opportunities for the industry
  - Profile discussion of key players in the sector

Key Players Analyzed

This section provides the overview, key facts and financial information of prominent players in the global insulin delivery market like Eli Lilly & Company, Novo Nordisk A/S, Sanofi-Aventis, Becton Dickinson & Company and Medtronic Inc.

Research Methodology Used

Information Sources
Information has been sourced from various sources like books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and through access to more than 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Methods
The analysis methods include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

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