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Analysis of Coronary Stent in US

Analysis of Coronary Stent in US

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Publish Date : May, 2013| No. of Pages : 45

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The US represents the world’s largest healthcare market, with a high annual healthcare spending. The US market for healthcare holds a great potential and presents immense opportunities for the industry players aiming to expand operations while addressing the reduction of healthcare expenditures, which is the biggest issue. The growth in healthcare spending is mainly driven by high administrative costs, growing technology and prescription drugs, and a severe rise in chronic diseases. According to our report “Analysis of Coronary Stent in US”, reducing the burden of chronic diseases will have a significant impact on reducing national healthcare expenditure in US.

Our report has been developed to portray the burden that cardiovascular diseases (CVD), amongst the various chronic diseases, has on the overall national healthcare expenditure in US, and presents the latest technologies approved by the USFDA to treat related disorders.

The report provides detailed statistical and analytical review of national healthcare expenditure in US, the burden of chronic diseases on healthcare expenditure, and the direct and indirect costs associated with CVD and its various types such as hypertension, chronic heart disease, heart failure and stroke. The report also provides the existing and future market dynamics of the coronary stent market in US.

Further, the report provides a detailed analysis of the 2012 FDA Approved Stents covering the stent manufacturing company, stent description and targeted disease conditions, and most importantly, the key market capturing features that will drive their growth in the industry.

The report also provides company profiling of the leading players in the stent business along with their hold in stent market based on recent activity and product portfolio. Overall, the report provides an easy to comprehend comparison of the latest stent products, latest developments, and direction for growth in the US stent market.

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