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India 3G Market Forecast to 2014

India 3G Market Forecast to 2014

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Publish Date : Jun, 2011| No. of Pages : 60

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The Indian telecom industry has undergone a revolutionary change during the past few years to become one of the leading telecom markets on the global map. Easy availability of low-priced devices, rampant network coverage, and affordable services are some of the major factors that have boosted its growth and will continue to do the same in future. Further, wireless teledensity has also risen to the level of around 68% at the end of FY 2011, but still there is a vast scope for further improvement due to a wide gap in teledensity between urban and rural areas. For instance, the wireless teledensity in urban areas rose to around 150%, while it stood at around 33% in rural areas during FY 2011 .

Our research anticipates that, the deployment of 3G services on a national scale will play a crucial role for development of data based Value Added Services in the Indian market. Simultaneously, it will prove revolutionary for the increasing broadband penetration in the country, which is restricted due to the inadequate infrastructure. According to our new research report “India 3G Market Forecast to 2014”, the number of 3G mobile subscribers is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 88% during 2011 -2014 due to the rising need for high speed data services with mobility. Our research provides an in-depth analysis of various factors and issues that will play an important role in the future growth of 3G market.

Our thorough analysis of the current state of 3G services in India has revealed that, it is set for a fast growth stage marked by pent up demand for high speed data access services and large early movers’ population. Speedy off take for relevant hardware (3G Enabled Handsets and 3G Modems) during the last year has already created a huge potential market. Besides, various factors will be crucial for telecom operators to operate successfully, which are discussed in detail in the report.

Our research report, “India 3G Market Forecast to 2014” anticipates that, the country will witness pan-India reach of 3G networks within a period of less than two year encouraged by substantial amount of investments in 3G deployments of infrastructure. The report provides extensive information of the market potential in terms of 3G subscribers, and studies key areas critical to the successful adoption of 3G services in India, such as content development and infrastructure sharing strategies. Besides, the report facilitates forecast on various segments, such as mobile subscribers, Internet subscribers, broadband subscribers, 3G mobile subscribers, 3G broadband subscribers, 3G enabled handsets, and 3G modems. Description of key players is also included in the report to efficiently gauge the competition in the market and to provide a balanced research outlook of the current and future state of 3G services in India.

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