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US Wine Market Outlook 2014

US Wine Market Outlook 2014

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Publish Date : Sep, 2011| No. of Pages : 75

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The US wine industry has been growing at a fast pace over the past few years, and has established a niche place in the global market. With a total contribution of 7.5% in global wine production, the US is competing with the European countries. The country, however, has outperformed France to become the world’s biggest wine consuming region. Through an effective contribution with states, the US is likely to witness more specific growth in its wine production and consumption.

According to our new research report, “US Wine Market Outlook 2014”, states such as California, Washington, Oregon, and New York are all showcasing a stupendous performance in the wine industry. California held the top spot in terms of wine production in the US, with an aggregate of 90% share by volume, in 2010. The state has also the largest number of wineries in the country. Other states in the US are also making splendid progress in the wine industry by coming up with new strategies and feasible policies.

While analyzing various distribution channels, off-trade significantly represented a major channel for wine, in which supermarkets and specialist retailers held a prominent share. The report, in this context, presents a systematic view of the distribution network for the wine sales. It also includes an in-depth analysis on the consumer behavior that delves down to find out important characteristics in-line with wine purchase. The growth prospects stemming out of the fast growing US wine market have also been analyzed in the report.

In this report, “US Wine Market Outlook 2014”, our researchers have analyzed prudently the US wine market and have taken into account all the key developments in the country and state level. In this way, the report presents a deep insight into the current market scenario and future out-courses of business. The competitive assessment section presents elaborate information about the key active players and defines their role in shaping the US wine industry. Overall, the report is meant to provide a complete source of knowledge and data to clients who want to acquaint themselves with the US wine industry.

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