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Sharia Banking System in Indonesia

Sharia Banking System in Indonesia

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Publish Date : Apr, 2008| No. of Pages : 55

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The Sharia banking industry is developing rapidly worldwide. While it makes sense for global financial institutions to foster growth, exploit the opportunities offered by the Sharia banking market, and keep themselves regularly updated against the status of Sharia banking market in some of the emergent countries, it is worthwhile to keep eyes on developments in Sharia banking markets. Keeping the same fact in mind, RNCOS decided to research on one of the fastest growing Sharia banking destinations - Indonesia - and launched  a report, “Sharia Banking System in Indonesia”. The report gives an extensive research and in-depth analysis on the Sharia banking market in Indonesia and helps clients to analyze the opportunities being opened by the market. Based on this analysis, the report gives a future forecast of the market intended as a rough guide to the direction in which the market is likely to move. 

Key Findings

 - Sharia banking market is expected to see huge growth at a CAGR of about 52% during 2008-2010.
 - Growing Sharia banking in Indonesia will offer ample opportunities to Sharia financial cards and Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) market in coming few years.
 - There will be vast opportunities for Small & Medium Enterprises as Sharia bankers are aggressively targeting this segment.
 - In terms of financing and deposits, the Indonesian Sharia banking market is expected to see phenomenal growth in coming years.

Key Issues & Facts Analyzed

 - What is Sharia banking and how is it different from conventional banking? 
 - What is the present status of the Sharia banking in Indonesia? 
 - What are the factors which are driving Sharia banking in Indonesia?
 - What is the future of Sharia banking in terms of assets, financing and deposits?
 - What are the future growth prospects? 
 - What are the challenges for the growth of Sharia banking in Indonesia?
 - Who are the major players in the Indonesian Sharia banking market?

Key Players

This section provides business overview and key financials of top players in the Sharia banking market of Indonesia, including Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Bank Danamon Sharia and HSBC Amanah Sharia.

Research Methodology Used

Information Sources
Information has been sourced from books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and through access to over 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Methods
The analysis methods include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, and linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

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