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Baby Food Industry (2006)

Baby Food Industry (2006)

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Publish Date : Dec, 2006| No. of Pages : 60

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The report “Baby Food Industry (2006)” primarily focuses on analyzing and assessing as to how the world baby food market has been shaping up during the recent years. Detailed data and analysis will help potential investors understand the evolving markets in the world baby food industry in detail.

Industry Performance

This section covers a detailed analysis of industry performance in leading global marketplaces such as US, UK, China & Japan. It also provides an overview of the opportunities that exist in these markets.

Key Players Analyzed

This section provides a complete overview of key players including Gerber, Nestle, Heinz, Gruope Danone, and Numico.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed

  -  Potential markets for the industry.
  -  Future prospects of the baby food industry.
  -  Who are the key players in the Global baby food Industry? 
  -  What opportunities exist for the manufacturers & vendors in global baby food market?
  -  What are the success & sensitivity factors for the industry?
  -  What will be the major driving forces for the industry?

Key Findings

Baby Food market has been growing consistently, however it has been witnessing a phenomenal growth since the year 2003. This growth has led to the transformation of the baby food industry across the globe. This research work observes that new markets for the baby are emerging fast, apart from the traditional strongholds, like North America and Europe.

Our research has found that the performance of baby food industry is sensitive to the perception of consumers, their purchasing power and changing socio economic demography. Uniformity of the emerging socio economic patterns in the world is driving the growth of baby food market across the geographical regions.

Share of organic baby food is rising within the baby food market. As far as the sale of organic baby food is concerned, UK is in the forefront where its sale comprises of almost 50% of the total sales. Super markets have played a significant role in promoting the organic baby food products.

Who Should Buy This Report?

Business Analysts & Top Management
This report is an excellent decision making tool for the business analysts and consultants closely following the developments in the global baby food market.

Probable Investors
This report will serve as a basis for the analysis for the probable investors interested in investing in a particular geographical region.

This report is useful for the people willing to attain working knowledge about the baby food industry.

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