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Bioinformatics Market Update (2006)

Bioinformatics Market Update (2006)

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Publish Date : Jul, 2006| No. of Pages : 65

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The research report "Bioinformatics Market Update (2006)" provides an updated and detailed overview of the Bioinformatics Industry worldwide. It examines the emerging trends and provides exclusive forecasts, snapshots of different players in the industry and the market revenue of different product categories. The report gives an overview of the various Bioinformatics market segments and explains how they are poised for future growth and development through new technological innovations.  

Key Findings  

The Bioinformatics market is stable, with 20% of the applications discovered being based on genomics and proteomics, which continues to boost the growth of Bioinformatics tools. A greater number of R&D centers across the world are seeking a common base for the transfer of data, information and knowledge to enable an informatics-based decision support system.  

Our analysts project an annual market growth rate of 15.8% or US $3 Billion by 2010. The largest markets for Bioinformatics include USA, Europe and Japan. The total European Bioinformatics market is set to expand from nearly $310 Million in 2004 to $720 Million by 2011.  

Coverage Includes  

Chapter 1 gives the analyst’s view about the market. Chapter 2 provides a complete overview of the global Bioinformatics Industry. Chapter 3 discusses the market for Bioinformatics including a market analysis by segments and regions along with market forecasts. It also discusses the various application areas for Bioinformatics and their markets. Segments include the analysis of software and services market, content market, and the IT infrastructure. Chapter 4 discusses the applications of Bioinformatics, the key driving forces, the opportunities, including those for employment and the threats to the industry. Chapter 5 takes a look at the recent developments in the industry. Finally, Chapter 6 gives an overview of the key players in the Bioinformatics industry along with their key financials, stock performance and other key facts about the companies.   


- The global outlook of the Bioinformatics market.
- Analysis of the Bioinformatics market by various segments and application areas, their revenue and growth prospects. 
- Key drivers, opportunities for growth, and threats to the industry.
- An update on the recent developments in the Bioinformatics industry.
- Snapshots of the key players in the Bioinformatics industry. 
Profiles of Key Industry Players in the Bioinformatics Industry including  

- Accelrys Inc.
- Affymetrix Inc.
- Agilent Technologies, Inc.
- Applied Biosystems Group
- Celera Genomics Group
- Ciphergen Biosystems   
- Compugen Ltd.   
- CuraGen Corporation  
- Gene Logic Inc.    
- IBM Life Sciences      
- Incyte Corporation  
- LION bioscience AG         
- Silicon Graphics Inc.
- Tripos Inc.     
Who Reads This Report?  

IT Firms

Various IT firms who want to explore this field before entering it can use this report to get a detailed overview of the Bioinformatics market, the growth trends in the various segments and application areas of Bioinformatics and their market. 

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical firms can use this report to get a thorough insight about the competitive landscape of the market, the latest market information and also about the regions where growth is happening. 

Firms in Biotechnology

Various biotechnology firms can gain insight about Bioinformatics market by just going through the report.  They can explore the possibilities in the Bioinformatics market. This report will help them in formulating and evaluating various opportunities in the Bioinformatics market. 

Prospective Investors

Potential investors interested in knowing about the growth potential of the Bioinformatics market in a particular region or about any particular segment can also benefit enormously from this report. 

Students and Academicians

Students and academicians looking to get an overview about the Bioinformatics market would also find this report useful.

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