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Closed Circuit TV Industry - A Market Update (2005-2008)

Closed Circuit TV Industry - A Market Update (2005-2008)

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Publish Date : Oct, 2005| No. of Pages : 80

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An increasing adoption of security solutions translated into the growth of the world security market. While the market for security products showed a sustained growth, legal compliance has played a crucial role in the framing of security policies by world leaders. Issues of standards and legal compliance also spawned the growth of a serious training industry specifically focused on security for probably the first time. With certification compliance becoming mandatory in many organizations, there is an increase in the number of certified security professionals.

As the emphasis of the market is shifting from analogue to digital equipment, this trend is being restrained to some extent. Some of the biggest opportunities in this field lie in leading edge technology.

In the last few decades, heightened fear of terrorism in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US, in tandem with rising conventional crime rates in many countries, analysts predict that the access control technologies and other security systems (like biometric, CCTV and Video surveillance equipment) are likely to witness a colossal demand with an approximate annual growth rate of 36.9 percent across the world, by 2009.

At the core of this is the necessity for a security regulatory regime that provides certainty, predictability, uniformity, and simplicity across each state and territory. There has to be a consistency in lifting national training standards, licensing, probity checking, and compliance monitoring. This not only adds to efficiency, but closes off the vulnerability inherent in the current arrangements.

This report by RNCOS, titled “Closed Circuit TV Industry —A Market Update (2005-2008),” talks primarily about the technological developments in the CCTV market. This report also highlights the fact that the demand for CCTV is constantly on the rise, due to the increasing cases of crime. Of course, people’s penchant for more and more sophisticated gadgets is also an important factor.


–  The CCTV market and assesses the derivatives
 –  Various applications and benefits of CCTV
 –  Application of CCTV in regulating crime
 –  Key findings of Data Protection Act in alliance to CCTV
 –  Market dynamics for CCTV worldwide and European perspective
 –  Estimating the factors contributing to CCTV growth in Europe and Worldwide
 –  Technological imprint on the recent CCTV application
 –  Forecast till 2010


The report gives an in-depth market update for the CCTV industry. Chapter 2 introduces with an overview of world security market. Chapter 3 analyzes CCTV market and its derivatives whereas Chapter 4 discusses the growth in video surveillance market. Chapter 5 debates over the impact of CCTV market and Chapter 6 evaluates its market dynamics. Chapter 7 gives a technological imprint on the recent CCTV applications in Biometrics and Digital Services. Chapter 8 provides with an insight into the CCTV market movers. Finally, the last chapter discusses the company profile of key players in the CCTV market.

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