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US Fast Food Market Outlook 2010

US Fast Food Market Outlook 2010

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Publish Date : Jun, 2010| No. of Pages : 55

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The US fast food industry has emerged as one of the leading industries in the country. It has been witnessing consistent strong growth for the past few years. Despite the global financial turmoil, the US fast food industry grew at a rate of around 4% year-on-year in 2009. Our research has found that the fast food industry is growing faster than the restaurant industry on account of comparative cost advantage and increasing young population. Leading industry players are readily spending on promotional activities to expand their business which, in turn, boost the nation’s fast-food industry.

According to our new research report “US Fast Food Market Outlook 2010”, the US fast food industry is expected to witness impressive growth rate in the near future owing to Americans busy lifestyle that encourages them to visit fast food joints. The industry holds promising growth prospects for both existing and new players. To support this evidence, we have done an extensive research and analysis of different segments of the fast food industry.

The baseline for the optimistic future outlook of the US fast food industry is the rise in number of product varieties offered by the players. These players have started going for international expansion and are offering discounts and combos to raise revenue from all the corners. Besides, the recovery and strengthening of the US economy from 2010 onwards will also pave way for the fast food industry to grow at faster pace in the forecast period.

Our new research report “US Fast Food Market Outlook 2010” contains an extensive research and rational analysis of the fast food industry in the US. It provides segment level analysis along with information of the emerging trends. The report also studies the impact of financial crisis on the fast food industry that will help consultants, industry analysts and vendors to understand its current and future performance. The report also includes industry forecast and estimates along with detailed information about key players operating in the industry.

We have also studied the consumer behavior in context of spending on fast food and other essential items to give a deep insight into the current food consumption patterns. The study of macro-economic factors provides information about the role of population and economic prosperity of people in driving the fast food industry.

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