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Indian Footwear Market Forecast to 2012

Indian Footwear Market Forecast to 2012

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Publish Date : Mar, 2009| No. of Pages : 75

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India is standing on the threshold of a retail revolution and witnessing fast changing retail landscape, with footwear market is set to experience phenomenal growth in coming years. Besides, the ongoing financial crisis is unlikely to have any significant impact on the Indian footwear market as the demand for Indian footwear will continue to grow, according to our recent report, “Indian Footwear Market Forecast to 2012”.

Demand for high quality footwear produced in Europe and other parts of the world is expected to slowdown as people will look for medium or lower priced products. This is a good sign for the Indian footwear industry since India along with China is the main supplier of low-priced footwear. However, Chinese producers are facing serious problems due to rising labor cost, which has risen by around 40% since January 2008, and currency appreciation. Chinese products, which used to be cheaper by around 10% compared to the Indian products, are no longer cheaper. Implementation of the European Union (EU) anti-dumping duty.

Under these circumstances, India is the only major source for supplying medium and low-priced footwear. Moreover, most of the global footwear manufacturers, particularly European manufacturers who were sourcing from China, have now turned to India. Nike, Adidas and Puma are some of the footwear majors are expected to route parts of their production and purchase out from China to India.

This report provides extensive research and in-depth analysis on the Indian footwear market. The detailed data and analysis given in the report will help the client to evaluate the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the footwear market in India. 

The forecasts and estimations given in this report are not based on a complex economic model, but are intended as a rough guide to the direction in which the market is likely to move. This forecast is based on a correlation between past market growth and growth of base drivers.

Our report also provides forecasts on:

- Indian Footwear Market (2009-2012)
- Men’s Footwear (2009-2012)
- Children’s Footwear (2009-2012)
- Women’s Footwear (2009-2012)
- Casual Footwear (2009-2012)
- Mass Footwear (2009-2012)
- Sports Footwear (2009-2012)
- Premium Footwear (2009-2012)
- Footwear Export (2008-09 to 2010-11)

Key Players

This section provides business overview and SWOT analysis of key players in the footwear market. The key players discussed in the report are Bata India Limited, Adidas AG and NIKE, Inc.

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