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KPO - The New Outsourcing Avenue for Indian BPO Market

KPO - The New Outsourcing Avenue for Indian BPO Market

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Publish Date : Oct, 2006| No. of Pages : 105

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Having made an indelible mark in the global BPO business, Indian IT and ITeS sector is now thriving in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). RNCOS, in its market research report “KPO – The New Outsourcing Avenue for Indian BPO Market” estimates that the world BPO market is worth US $234 billion with the contribution from India, worth $5.7 billion. The Indian BPO industry includes basic data and market research, equity research, management, engineering design, animation and simulation, medical content & services and education and publishing. India as a major KPO player in the world has inherent advantages because of its intellectual and Internet resource. The resulting economic success of the BPO industry has taken many firms to their advanced knowledge work to off shore destinations.

The Indian KPO sector has immense opportunities for the SMEs. The SMEs can change their costs as per the short-term demands, which can create new business models. RNCOS’ market research report presents the evolution of KPO market in India, tuned for the growing offshore business. The report analyzes the demand and supply, new opportunities and challenges faced by the KPO industry. The report accounts for the role of SMEs in BPO and KPO businesses. It also makes an assessment of expenditure, income and revenue growth for FY 2004-05 to show its impact on trade, facility management and GDP. 


 -  Overview of the BPO and KPO industry and its key economic indicators.

      -  Study of the present global scenario, Indian BPO and KPO scenario, and a clear roadmap ahead for the new entrants and present operators. Presentation of a vertical industry perspective and forecasts by corporate functions.

 -  Discussions on laws, regulations and state BPO policies that serve in proliferating business growth.

 -  Highlights of the NASSCOM initiatives and strategies.

 -  BPO market size and growth by sectors, BPO companies’ shares, employment opportunities and attrition rate.

 -  Comparison of Indian BPO sector with other leading BPO countries like China, Russia, Philippines, Ireland, Canada and more.

 -  SWOT analysis of the Indian BPO sector.

 -  Challenges and threats faced by the Indian BPO industry in current economic standards.

 -  Market analysis and discussion of key buyer and vendor trends, drivers and inhibitors and, corporate sourcing strategies.

 -  Market analysis of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) till 2010.

 -  Recent developments and current issues in the industry.

 -  Profiles of key players in the Industry.



Giving a detailed analysis, chapter 2 provides an overview of Indian BPO and chapter 3 of global BPO. Chapter 4 indicates why India is a BPO destination; chapter 5 gives rules and regulations of government, state, international tariffs & anti outsourcing bills and Nasscom initiatives & strategies. Chapter 6 gives market analysis of Indian BPO for 2005 in terms of size, growth, employment opportunities, attrition rate, IT service vendors and emerging areas in outsourcing. Chapter 7 deals with BPO competitors in India; chapter 8 on SWOT; chapter 9 on opportunities and challenges; chapter 10 about the next big opportunity for India KPO; chapter 11 on investment demographics by states; chapter 12 on mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings in the Indian BPO & KPO industry; chapter 13 on recent issues and key developments and finally chapter 14 provides overview of major companies.

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