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Digital Rights Management - Arrival of Next-Generation Security Market

Digital Rights Management - Arrival of Next-Generation Security Market

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Publish Date : Mar, 2005| No. of Pages : 40

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The report “Digital Rights Management: Arrival of Next Generation Security Market” by RNCOS delves into the matters of the rapid usage of Internet for digital production and redistribution processes. With more upcoming technologies, the digital technology services have increased, and so have the issues on copyrights. This report scrutinizes the controversies that surround Digital rights management, or DRM amidst an increase in the illegal access and distribution of proprietary and copyrighted content. It focuses on the differences of opinion over copyrighted content between two industries: the content and media development industry, and the information technology industry. The report also examines historical content management controversies and highlights some of the current proposed DRM architectures. It studies the application of digital rights management technology and its impact on the consumer and vendor applications. It then categorically analyzes the situational changes and developments in the field of Internet security and online piracy market. 

The report estimates that the market, with its incessant demand for the online protection rights, drives the worldwide demand for digital rights management software, which is anticipated to reach US$3.6billion by 2005 with a robust 106.1% growth rate compared to its market valuation as in 2000. However, as DRM technologies evolve and develop, so does end users’ concern about restrictions to their access to, and use of information. Thus, one of the primal objectives of DRM industry leaders is to create a balance between fair compensation for the creators of digital content and the rights of end-users to access and use the information they need.  


    -  Importance of Internet security and digital production
    -  Copyrights protection and digital rights management.
    -  Solutions to DRM challenges.
    -  New laws and regulations.
    -  Traditional and new copyright protection approaches.
    -  Discussions of different statutes.
    -  Market reviews.


The report "Digital Rights Management - Arrival of Next Generation Security Market" discusses its emergence as an important tool in curbing the copyrights violations. Chapter 2 discusses the digital management and copyrights protection through copyright laws, and the different technologies and methods of application. Chapter 3 discusses the architecture of DRM application and Information Technology. The copyright regulations and policy structures are discussed in detail in chapter 4. Promoting Consumer choice and Content security of Digital Rights Management is discussed in chapter 5. Finally, chapter 6 covers the recent issues and developments. 

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