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Organized Retail Sector In Russia (2005-2008)

Organized Retail Sector In Russia (2005-2008)

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Publish Date : Mar, 2006| No. of Pages : 55

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The Russian retail market has grown to $193.2 billion in 2004,a growth of more than 30.8% YOY and food retail sales were above $83 billion, up 22%. Russia is the fastest growing retail food sales market in the world, with the potential to again double in size by 2008. Russia is ranked 2nd most attractive retail market in Global Retail Development Index 2005. Hence, Russia has emerged as a big retail opportunity.

However, increased participation of multinational retailers has made the retail market more competitive and quality counts. 

Retail growth in the coming years is expected to be stronger than GDP growth, driven by changing lifestyles and by strong income growth. Growing consumer credit will also help in boosting consumer demand.

Distribution continues to remain a major inefficiency. Poor quality of infrastructure, coupled with low quality of the distribution sector, results in logistics costs that are very high as a proportion of GDP, and inventories, which have to be maintained at an unusually high level. It’s a lot easier to cut manufacturing costs than it is to cut distribution costs. But this also is an opportunity for existing retailers to keep a check on their competitors.

Also, government has relatively less regulations for consumer based economy, coupled with Russia’s political stability and low maturity makes it an attractive market to be in. 

This report discusses the scenario of organized retail industry in Russia and the opportunities available for companies based on key statistics. We have answered Key questions like:

- What is the market size and scope of the Organized Retail in Russia?
- What and where are the growth prospects and issues related to the industry?
- What are the factors driving growth in this sector?
- What are the size of organized market segment wise & its growth prospects?
- Who are the major players of Russian Retail Industry, their presence and strategies being used by them and their market positioning? 
- What are the opportunities & challenges faced by retailers in Russia and emerging trends there?

We have attempted to answer these questions, through the RNCOS Industry Information Service on Organized Russian Retail Industry. Our analysis and outlook of Organized Retail Industry would serve as a key input for your business decisions and performance evaluation. 

Key Highlights and scope of the RNCOS ‘Organized Retail Sector in Russia (2005-2008)’ Report:

- Russia’s Economic Outlook & Regulatory framework
- Russia’s Retail Market: Overview, market size and growth
- Demographic & Consumer behavior patterns in Russia
- Region & Product segment analysis of Russian Retail Market.
- Merger & Acquisition scenario in Russian retail market
- Recent developments & happenings in retail sector in Russia
- Opportunities &Challenges facing Russian retail sector
- Emerging trends & outlook by 2008 in Russian Organized retail Market
- Company Analysis of Russia’s top retail players and their growth strategies

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Senior management and board directors within retail companies, Retail Analysts, Corporate Advisors in business strategy, M&A, property, Investors, Management and retail consultants, Business Schools, Finance managers who can interrogate the rich data in the report to make better investment decisions and ensure the organization has the very best business intelligence at their disposal.

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