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World Consumer Electronics (2004-2009) - An Industry Insight

World Consumer Electronics (2004-2009) - An Industry Insight

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Publish Date : Feb, 2005| No. of Pages : 50

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The World Consumer Electronics Industry Guide is an important source for exclusive data and analysis that covers the consumer electronics industry. The electronics industry is very dynamic and new products are launched everyday in the consumer electronics sector. The demands of the consumers are ever increasing and the companies are using state-of-the-art technologies to stay in the competition. The ever-changing electronics sector holds a great potential not only for the new-entrants, but also for the existing industry giants. The Industry Analysis report that we have prepared looks at all the elements that can affect any company’s fortunes positively. Our report sheds light on all the industry’s players, new as well as old. The information includes the positioning of every player in the competitive environment. The strategies, future plans, and market positioning are assessed for every industrial player.

Our report can help in analyzing and identifying the potential areas that can be exploited by both the existing and the new entrants in the sector. An industry analyst can utilize the data that we provide, which covers the comparative data from previous years along with the current year (2005). The data includes a tabulated version of the total shipment value of the consumer electronics, along with the number of companies that report the shipments by the product codes and class. A table that compares the domestic outputs, imports and exports is also given in the report.

Our industry analysis report is an indispensable and a valuable tool that can be used by company analysts, decision makers, and the ones who wish to enter this industry. The existing operators can also identify the areas that can be tapped.


      -  An executive summary with data on value, volume, and segregation.
      -  Includes a textual analysis of the industry's future and its prospects. 
      -  Names of the leading companies and the competitive landscape.
      -  Covers the global market including the U.S., European, Asia-Pacific, North American, and East European nations.
      -  A five-year industry forecast.
      -  The value and volume of the market size is discussed in detail.
      -  An in-depth analysis of the market share that is covered by private labels, manufacturers and the major brands.
      - An annual survey of import and export statistics on the basis of the country, manufacturer, and poduct is included in  the report.


The report gives an in-depth coverage of world consumer electronics. Chapter 2 talks about the Global Electronics Market in brief. Chapter 3 talks about the various components of consumer electronics market. Chapter 4 provides market segmentation of global electronic industry. Chapters 5, 6, 7 & 8 discuss computers and IT electronics and trends of video equipments, audio equipments and telephone equipments respectively. Chapter 9 covers recent issues and analysis and finally, chapter 10 assesses the market prospect and future forecast.

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