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GPS: Fleet Management Market (2006-2010)

GPS: Fleet Management Market (2006-2010)

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Publish Date : Feb, 2006| No. of Pages : 35

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GPS – Global Positing Systems, were originally created to discover the exact location of any object on Earth. Although standalone products are quite popular, the most common applications are built around PDAs, mobile phones, or car navigation systems. 

The sudden rise in the application of this technology in various fields, such as fleet management, public safety, transport navigation systems and aerospace applications among others, has resulted in an outstanding growth of the GPS market. 

Today, one of the fastest growing markets for GPS technology is vehicle tracking and location technology also called Fleet Management. Using this technology real time as well as passive vehicle tracking for fleet owners and dispatchers is being done. This has resulted in a continuous growth in the assimilation of GPS in order to ensure competency and security in transportation systems. 

The GPS market for Fleet Management Worldwide is approximately US $ 4 Billion in the year 2005 and it is expected to grow at 3.4 % by the year 2010. 

What’s in store for FMS is the integration of sales terminals with the ability to take customer authorization on site. Dispatchers and employees will be able to communicate back and forth and re-route product shipments based on customer approvals. 

The research report "GPS - Fleet Management Market (2006-2010)" covers in depth information on Fleet Management Systems. With a number of tables and charts to depict the market and other trends, it covers a complete market estimate of Fleet Management Services followed by opportunities and challenges for this technology. The report also covers current issues and news surrounding this technology and the profiles of the key players in this market.

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