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UK CCTV Market - An Outlook (2005-2009)

UK CCTV Market - An Outlook (2005-2009)

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Publish Date : Sep, 2005| No. of Pages : 65

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Years before the London attacks shocked the world, Britain’s capital has boasted of the most intensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems on the planet to aid police to track down innumerable criminals. The recent attacks on the underground metro stations served as a reminder that inflationary trends have a direct relation to operations like CCTV monitoring and manned guarding across the United Kingdom.
Higher levels of maturity as well as business opportunities are characteristic of the UK CCTV market in comparison to the rest of Europe. Replacement systems, extensions and upgradation play key roles in the UK CCTV market that is poised for a 7% compound rate growth by 2009 to the tune of £700million, as opposed to £568million in 2004. CCTV market growth from 2006 to 2009 is expected to witness a significantly high demand for digital recording equipment.
In view of the new security threats and a potential growth in the market demand for CCTV equipment, UK CCTV market growth has been prominent in the five years leading up to 2004, signifying a distinct demand for community applications. All these factors are dealt with, in the RNCOS market research report UK CCTV Market – An Outlook (2005-2009). The report examines the competitive variables within the industry structure and takes into account other market environment issues that have var6ying degrees of influence in the growth of the UK CCTV market.
In the market research report "UK CCTV Market – An Outlook (2005-2009)" by RNCOS the emphasis is on the extent and pace of the CCTV market growth under the impact of technological revolution on the security market in general. Evidence is illustrated of the imminent growth in public space schemes for the CCTV market. Potential growth is also taken into perspective in regard to the UK CCTV market in the years preceding 2009. A comprehensive analysis of the background is detailed, relating to recent market scenario, the size of the UK CCTV market, market influences and profiles of the leading players.

- Global perspective and UK CCTV Market growth (2005-2009)
- UK CCTV Market value, sales and number of installations (in million pounds and units of sales)
- European Standards and Code of Practices and key trade associations
- Employment dynamics (1988-2004) in the UK CCTV market
- Economic and market trends influencing the current market and the technological progress
- Drivers of UK CCTV market and comparative analysis of the market vis-à-vis worldwide CCTV usage
- The UK CCTV Consumer Segments and Behavioral Pattern for purchases
- SWOT analysis of the UK CCTV market
- Forecasts up to 2009 for the UK security alarms & systems market, UK construction output, and the UK market for  CCTV.
- Current trends and activities in the CCTV market
- Key profiles of 19 major players in the industry

The report gives an insight to the UK CCTV Market. Chapter 2 introduces with business overview and market trends of CCTV market. Chapter 3 & 4 provides with in-detail description of UK CCTV market and its trends. Chapter 5 discusses market drivers for UK CCTV market whereas Chapter 6 gives a SWOT analysis of UK CCTV market. Recent issues and current developments are studied in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 gives an insight of European standards and code of practices. Finally, Chapter 9 analyzes company profiles of major players in UK CCTV market. 

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