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Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World over (2007)

Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World over (2007)

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Publish Date : Oct, 2006| No. of Pages : 70

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In the wake of increasing security threats and global terrorism, the market research report “Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World Over (2007)”, published by RNCOS, provides an in-depth study of the current market trends, evolving technologies and growth prospects of the access control and security surveillance technology market worldwide.

Largely driven by the sales of CCTV, biometric applications and proximity systems, large and small-sized enterprises have begun to fuse in new systems and technologies to the existing security methods. By doing so, they hope to avoid wide-scale replacement of traditional legacy systems and ensure better security standards.

Market studies on the access control market confirm that sale of access control and security applications registered massive growth after the 9/11 debacle.

However, even when the global market is at an all time high, with unprecedented sales estimated to reach an escalating height, the main challenge faced by suppliers is the ever-changing market dynamics which shows an uneven growth pattern in the industry.

RNCOS’ market research report, "Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World Over (2007)" highlights the current changes affecting security systems market and provides an analogous study of the demand for access control market technology across the world. This report also identifies the key leaders in the market. It also features the undergoing research developments to blend new, secured and more innovative solutions by the firms. It includes statistical information on the demand and sales for biometric applications, smart-card chips and application software, changing pattern of consumer behavior, recent breakthroughs in security surveillance market and examines the challenges and impending business opportunities that lure investors to access control technologies.


 -  Overview of global access control market
 -  Analysis of access control market by segments
 -  Analysis of the market drivers and plausible barriers
 -  Analysis of security management and video surveillance software
 -  Market shares of biometric systems (on the basis of size, sales and geographical locations)
 -  Growth of smart cards usage and its advantages
 -  Implementation of the security systems worldwide and its benefits
 -  Importance of the security sector in the private, public and national domains
 -  Customer behavior towards access control market
 -  New developments and guidelines that have come up in the arena of access control systems
 -  Access control technology market growth and future forecast
 -  Listing of the top local players of access control market.


Chapter 1 provides an introduction of access control system technology and traces the evolution and progress of access control technology. Chapter 2 deals with world security market, which includes the geographical breakdown of Access Control market; Chapter3 gives analysis of worldwide access control system industry with special emphasis on U.S., Europe, and Asia. Chapters 4 and 5 provide an outlook on consumer behavior and results of a SWOT analysis of the access control market. Chapter 6 covers the latest development & news in access control technologies and Chapter 7 identifies and focuses on the leading global players in access control market.

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