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Wireless Industry: Up-Coming Market Strategies And Technology Trends

Wireless Industry: Up-Coming Market Strategies And Technology Trends

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Publish Date : Mar, 2005| No. of Pages : 45

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1.  Executive Summary 


2.  Wireless Local Area Networking: Overview


3.  Wireless LAN Architecture and IEEE Standards

  3.1.  802.11 Architecture

  3.2.  Wireless LAN Components

  3.3.  Overview of Wireless LAN 802.11 Technologies

  3.4.  Security of 802.11 Wireless LANs

        3.4.1.  Security Features of 802.11 Wireless LANs per the Standard




        3.4.2.  Problems With the IEEE 802.11 Standard Security

  3.5.  HiperLAN and HiperLAN/2 Standards

  3.6.  Third Generation and Bluetooth technology

  3.7.  802.1x WLAN Standard and EAP-TTLS Security Protocol

  3.8.  Security Requirements and Threats

        3.8.1.  Loss of Confidentiality

        3.8.2.  Loss of Integrity

        3.8.3.  Loss of Network Availability

        3.8.4.  Other Security Risks

  3.9.  Risk Mitigation

        3.9.1.  Management Countermeasures

        3.9.2.  Operational Countermeasures

        3.9.3.  Technical Countermeasures


4.  Application of WLAN Technology

  4.1.  WLAN’s and Other Wireless Technologies

        4.1.1.  Vertical SOHO and Public Users Authentication

            Enterprise Application Market and WLAN

            Education, Public Safety and Government Areas

            Healthcare Market and WLAN Application

            WLAN Application in Financial, Retail and Travel Sector

            VoIP Application and WLAN Technology

            WLAN in Warehouse and Inventory Management

  4.2.  Benefits of WLAN Technology

  4.3.  Global Market Landscape and Market Segmentation

        4.3.1.  WLAN Hardware Market

        4.3.2.  WLAN Equipment Unit Shipments

        4.3.3.  WLAN IC Market

        4.3.4.  Global Enterprise WLAN Market

        4.3.5.  Worldwide Public WLAN market

        4.3.6.  Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN)

        4.3.7.  Wi-Fi Market

        4.3.8.  Worldwide Wireless LAN Security Solutions Market

        4.3.9.  Worldwide Wireless Infrastructure Expenditures

  4.4.  Total market Demand and End-User Revenue Share

  4.5.  Market Trend Analysis and Potential Drivers

  4.6.  Threats and Challenges faced by WLAN Market  

  4.7.  Future Market prospects and Growth Study


5.  WLAN and 3G: A Mobile Convergence


6.  WLAN and Widespread Security Concern


7.  Recent Advances and Ongoing Developments worldwide


8.  Major Players

  8.1.  Cisco Systems Inc.

  8.2.  Agere Systems Inc.

  8.3.  Avaya Inc.

  8.4.  Symbol Technologies 

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