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Access-Control Systems: Market Opportunity and Trend Indicator

Access-Control Systems: Market Opportunity and Trend Indicator

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Publish Date : Feb, 2003| No. of Pages : 45

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The report on Access Control Systems by RNCOS gives an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and current trends in the market. The report provides details of the importance of the security market in the current scenario. Access Control systems ensure the entry or exit of authorized personnel in a building, or campus. It allows the control of movement of people through doors and other barriers in a situation where the use of conventional methods seems to be inappropriate, slow, or insecure.

The report features different security devices ranging from stand-alone devices, controlling gate or doors, to networked solutions integrated with asset-based tracking systems that involve the use of RF devices. Access Control system has added a repertoire to the security market worldwide. The fear of terrorist attacks after September 11, 2001 has led to an increase in the number of access control customers. This has brought about an atmosphere of heightened security awareness. The report also talks about the conventional security systems that can be prone to errors. Access control technology has benefited the commercial applications the most. A detailed mention of special security software has also been done in our report. A forecast of the Access Control market growth by more than 16% per year has also been made on the basis of the facts and data collected through reliable sources. The report additionally examines the challenges and ongoing changes at the industry-level from a scholastic viewpoint.

Report Highlights

 - The importance of Access control systems in the present times.
 - Analysis of security-management software.
 - Forecasts the growth of this market by the year 2007.
 - Importance of the security sector in the private, public, and national domains.
 - The difference between authentication and authorization.
 - The report differentiates between the conventional sources of security devices and the new means.
 - New developments and guidelines that have come up in the arena of Access control systems. 
 - Names and availability of the different forms of security devices in the market.
 - Mention of the market shares of Biometric systems on the basis of geographical locations.
 - Use of smart cards.
 - Analysis of the security systems in the world market.
 - Mentions the market leaders in security systems.

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