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World Bio-Informatics Market (2005-2010)

World Bio-Informatics Market (2005-2010)

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Publish Date : Nov, 2005| No. of Pages : 85

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In the recent years, the continuously changing market of bioinformatics applications enjoys a wide acceptance owing to declining new drugs’ manufacturing, non existence of potential drugs and expiry of patents. In 2004-05, this market with a US $1.4 billion has been competing with unusual and innovative tools facilitating critical R&D for the bioinformatics companies.

RNCOS, a market research organization has established a market research report namely “World Bioinformatics Market (2005-2010)” which gives the latest information on new products and trends in the bioinformatics industry as also research, product development and investment pertaining to the market segments.

As it stands the bioinformatics market is at stability where 20% of the applications discovered are based on genomics and proteomics, which boosts growth of bioinformatics tools. A greater number of R&D centers across the world are seeking a common base for transfer of data, information and knowledge to enable an informatics-based decision support system. The market research report forecasts the bioinformatics market to provide an information processing system, assimilation of past developments and scope in future.

RNCOS analysts predict the product lines, software tools and other biometric applications to project an annual market growth of 15.8% or US $3 billion by 2010 higher by 14.5% in 2003. With this the bioinformatics companies could consolidate data, make analysis & useful management and disseminate tools to help drug companies to curtail cost and time.

Given the said market structure there is an emerging need to develop breakthrough drugs while shortening the discovery time and costs. There is also need for forming mergers and partnerships of companies both at local and international levels. Leading biotech firms like Compugen, DoubleTwist have come forward with novel drug programs. Interestingly, India and South East Asian countries have comparative advantage in terms of cheap labor, which can offer database solutions and genome research for biotech companies globally.

“World Bioinformatics Market (2005-2010)” gives an overview of the bioinformatics market segments and that they are poised for future growth. The market research report also elicits the unusual, critical and outstanding opportunities for expansion in the next five years itself. 


The market research report particularly interested in the value added by bioinformatics to the process of drug discovery and development discuss various technologies and patenting trends in the industry.

This new market research report provides you with the most detailed and up-to-date analysis, news, developments, experts’ opinions and insight into the informatics market. The report includes chapters that provide: 

 - Detailed analysis of the latest trends in bioinformatics.
 - In-depth profiles of 26 leading companies with informatics tools and technologies and its 5-year forecasts for the year 2005-2010.
 - Survey of industry experts’ views on informatics. 
 - Potential of bio-informatics applications and market predictions of trends in US expenditure on IT solutions.
 - Projections for future applications in drug discovery, R&D and analysis of commercial business strategies. 
 - Latest developments and comprehensive insight into bioinformatics business strategies.

The aim of this study was to analyze the possible growth opportunities for the bioinformatics industry. We are also interested in determining the current models employed for commercialization of bioinformatics and to examine the success of such models.


The report compiles eight chapters where chapters 2 & 3 give introduction to bioinformatics and, rules and regulations framework of the industry respectively. Chapter 4 covers the bioinformatics market of 2005 by Geographical segmentation and Application areas. Chapter 5 provides the nanotechnology aspect of bioinformatics industry; chapter 6 gives the market opportunities and challenges; chapter 7 gives product innovations and launches like Super Server, Experiment Design Automation, new tools for genomic and proteomic research, Sigma-Aldrich launches, Ciphergen's new Equalizer technology and so on. Finally Chapter 8 gives company profiles of key players.

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