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Government Support to Boost Solar Power Plants Capacity

Jan 17, 2011

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India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of energy consumption. Currently, it is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world, and it is expected that it will become the third largest by 2030. At the same time; the country is heavily dependent on fossil sources of energy for most of its demand. This has necessitated the country to start aggressively pursuing alternative energy sources - solar, wind, biofuels, small hydro, etc.
According to our new report Indian Solar Energy Market Outlook 2012, India’s capacity of solar power plants was around 6 MW in 2009, increasing around three fold over 2008. Increasing energy needs of the population will partially be fulfilled by solar power plants in the coming years.
With state governments taking initiatives to increase their solar power plant capacity, central government support will result in the addition of solar power plant capacity in coming years. In 2009 alone, about 183% capacity of solar power plant was added. Although grid connected solar power generation in India is currently very small, the Ministry is targeting a capacity of 50 MW by 2012 through its Generation Based Incentives (GBI) program of 2008. This will also help in boosting solar power plant market in India.
Moreover, the report has clearly segmented the solar energy market into thermal and photovoltaic. For each segment, detail descriptions regarding the application areas have been provided in the report. Most importantly, for each segment and application areas included in the report, detail statistics have been provided. The report also presents information on the initiatives taken by the state governments to support the solar power of the respective state.
Our report Indian Solar Energy Market Outlook 2012”, provides thorough analysis of the investment opportunities in various regions of the country. The report has thoroughly examined current market trends, industrial developments, and competitive landscape to enable clients understand the market structure and its progress in coming years.

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