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Wireless Lan Security - An Industry Outlook

Wireless Lan Security - An Industry Outlook

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Publish Date : Jun, 2005| No. of Pages : 45

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1.  Executive Summary

2.  Worldwide Wireless LAN Security – A Background Study

3.  Market Overview and Trends: Wireless LAN Security Market
         3.1.  Key Developments and Driving Forces (2000-2005)
         3.2.  Need for Security Services - Big Time for IT Firms
         3.3.  Market Study - An Outlook on Worldwide Wireless LAN Services
               3.3.1  Software Sales
               3.3.2  Hardware Sales
               3.3.3  WLAN Access Points and other Peripherals Sales
         3.4.  End-User Demand and Deployment by Types (2004-2005)

4.  Wireless LAN Security Market
         4.1.  Global WLAN Security Market Sales and Demand Analysis, by Product Type
               4.1.1  Firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN)
               4.1.2  Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (ID&P)
               4.1.3  Unified Threat Management
               4.1.4  Anti-Virus
         4.2.  Global WLAN Security Market Analysis by Geographic Distribution and End-User Segments
               4.2.1  North America
               4.2.2  Western Europe and Balkan States
               4.2.3  Asia-Pacific
               4.2.4  Rest of World
         4.3.  Trends affecting the Market for Wireless LAN Security Solutions
         4.4.  New Product Introduction and Development
               4.4.1  Interlink Networks to Support PEAP Authentication
               4.4.2  Palm and Meetinghouse Provide AEGIS Wireless LAN Security
               4.4.3  Avaya Launches Security Gateways
               4.4.4  Cavium Networks Launches Wireless LAN Security Processor
               4.4.5  Wireless LAN Security from Rappore Shield
               4.4.6  AirDefense Introduces RogueWatch
               4.4.7  Hitachi to Provide Wireless LAN Security Product
               4.4.8  3e Technologies Launches AES & 3DES Security Solutions
               4.4.9  Wavelink Introduces Wireless LAN Security Product
               4.4.10  Agere Systems Unveils Smart Access Point Technology
               4.4.11  Fortress Technologies Unveils “Wireless Link Layer Security”
               4.4.12  3Com Launches Wireless LAN Security

         4.5.  Analysts View and Prospect for Wireless LAN Security (2005-2008)

5.  List of WLAN Vendor Profiles
         5.1.  3Com Corporation
         5.2.  Agere Systems Inc
         5.3.  Air Defense Inc.
         5.4.  Aptilo Networks AB
         5.5.  Atheros Communications Inc.
         5.6.  Bluesocket Inc.
         5.7.  Broadcom Corporation
         5.8.  Cisco Systems Inc
         5.9.  DCM Technologies Ltd.
         5.10.  Enterasys Networks Inc.
         5.11.  Funk Software Inc.
         5.12.  Global Secure Systems Limited
         5.13.  Intel Corporation
         5.14.  Interlink Networks Inc.
         5.15.  Intermec Technologies Corporation
         5.16.  Internet Security Systems Inc.
         5.17.  Meetinghouse Data Communications Inc.
         5.18.  Nortel Networks Corporation
         5.19.  RSA Security Inc.
         5.20.  Symbol Technologies Inc.

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