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US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2022

US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2022

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Publish Date : Jul, 2016| No. of Pages : 135

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Cancer is one of the major health issues faced by the countries across the globe. The researchers are engaged in developing various drugs for the prevention and treatment of the disease. Cancer vaccine is one such example. Since their inception, cancer vaccines were considered as high potential method for preventing and treating cancer. Till date, the vaccines have not been able to achieve the expected sales due to high cost and negative results in clinical trials. However, with launch of new cancer vaccines, such as Imlygic by Amgen; and increasing awareness of people regarding these vaccines, the market is expected to grow.

The US is largest market for cancer vaccines. The growth of the US cancer vaccine market is driven by increasing cancer incidence in the country, rising awareness, and strong pipeline. The “US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2022” report provides detailed analysis of the market. This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of US cancer vaccine market for the period 2015-2022. It also covers the drivers, restraints hampering the growth of the market, and future opportunities. Moreover, the report provides the global sales of various cancer vaccines from 2013-2015.

On the basis of type of cancer for which the vaccine is targeted, the market has been segmented into three types, namely, liver cancer, HPV related cancer, and others. Currently, HPV related cancer vaccines occupy the largest share in the US market.

On the basis of type of vaccine, the market has been further sub-divided into prophylactic vaccines and therapeutic vaccines. The prophylactic vaccines accounts for the largest share in 2016. The large share of this market is attributed to various vaccination programs organized by the US government for prevention against HPV and hepatitis. The therapeutic vaccines are expected to witness high growth in coming years due to strong pipeline. Amongst the various research studies, a vaccine for lung cancer can be expected to come up soon with promising candidates, such as TV4010 and GV1001, having entered phase 3 trials.
The report also provides market share analysis by key players. Merck and GSK are expected to continue to be undisputed market leaders in the cancer vaccine market. Furthermore, the report also covers the FDA's vaccine approval procedure, and its guidance to the industry for developing therapeutic cancer vaccines. Additionally, the report also enlists the pipeline of cancer vaccines which are in various clinical trial phases. The patent analysis of products in US has also been added in the report on the basis of year of grant, type of patent, and assignee of the patent.

The last section of the report discusses about the key players in the US cancer vaccine market. A brief business overview and financial information about each of these players has been provided in the report. Moreover, this report will help the reader to gain crucial insight into the key players’ performances and strategies for growth. Conclusively, the research will prove to be a useful resource for all debut makers in US cancer vaccine industry and potential investors.

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