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UK Biofuel Market

UK Biofuel Market

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Publish Date : Dec, 2006| No. of Pages : 50

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RNCOS’ report "UK Biofuel Market" provides research and objective analysis of UK biofuel Industry. This report helps clients to analyze the opportunities and the factors critical to the success of biofuel industry in UK. Government support, environmental objectives, EU obligations, diversity & security of fuel remain the major market forces for UK biofuel industry.

UK Biofuel Industry

This section covers the performance of UK biofuel industry in transportation and electricity generation. UK Biofuel industry is in its nascent stage. In UK, biofuel is used for transportation as well as for electricity & heat generation. Biofuel & waste accounts for more than 4/5th of total renewable energy source for electricity generation. Due to lack of production capacity, UK is currently dependent on imports to meet its domestic demand of bioethanol for the transportation industry. 

Key Findings 

-  Environmental (climate change) along with diversity & security of energy supply remain the primary driving forces for UK Biofuel industry.
-  Use of Biofuel and wastes for electricity generation has been doubled between 2001 and 2005 in UK.
-  Growing UK Biofuel industry has the potential to create new opportunities for sustainable rural development in agricultural sector.
-  Under RFTO (Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation) building new Biofuel capacity to achieve desired Biofuel production targets is a major challenge for UK Biofuel industry. If UK Biofuel industry remains unable to achieve targets of RTFO, Biofuel imports will continue to rise due to which the problem of security and diversity of fuel supply will remain unchanged.

Key Issues and Facts Analyzed 

-  Market forces driving the industry & the challenges faced by it.
-  Major players existing in UK Biofuel industry.
-  What are the existing opportunities in UK Biofuel industry? 
-  Performance of UK biofuel industry in transportation and for electricity generation?

Key Players Analyzed

This section covers the key facts about the major players currently operating in the UK Biofuel industry such as Greenergy International Limited, J. R. Rix & Sons Limited, Biofuels Corporation PLC and BIP.

Research Methodology 

Information Sources
Books, Newspapers, Trade Journals, and White papers, Industry portals, Government Agencies, Trade associations, Monitoring Industry News and developments, and access to more than 3000 paid databases are the sources of information being referred to for gathering credible and reliable information on this industry.

Analysis Method
Analysis methods applied include: Ratio Analysis, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis using software tools, Judgmental Forecasting and Cause and Effect Analysis.

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