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The Indian Retail Sector - An Outlook (2005-2010)

The Indian Retail Sector - An Outlook (2005-2010)

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Publish Date : Oct, 2005| No. of Pages : 90

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According to this year’s Global Retail Development Index India is positioned as the leading destination for retail investment. This followed from the saturation in western retail markets and we find big western retailers like Wal-mart and Tesco entering into Indian market. India’s retail industry accounts for 10 percent of its GDP and 8 percent of the employment to reach $17 billion by 2010. There are about 300 new malls, 1,500 supermarkets and 325 departmental stores being built in the cities very soon.



RNCOS, in its market research report “Indian Retail Sector – An Outlook (2005-2010)” analyzes the greatly divided Indian retail market and the trends in its business. Issues such as foreign investment restrictions, modern merchandizing in India, logistics and payment terms for distribution, role of channel members and growth trends in different regions are discussed. The market research report further analyzes the sustainability of the Indian retail sector and on the basis of 25 domestic and international companies the report has given a suitable business model.



 –  Competitive analysis of Indian retail sector vis-à-vis global retail industry.
 –  Supportive policies and regulations of government for the retail sector.
 –  Issues and implications related to the current foreign direct investment in the retail sector.
 –  Market size and growth of Indian retail sector segmented by sectors, retail formats, and regional segmentations.
 –  Increasing employment opportunities with stepping up of international retail brands in India.
 –  Opportunities for big western retailers like Wal-mart and Tesco.
 –  Market forecast till 2010.
 –  Behavioral pattern, preferences and expenditure capacity of Indian consumers.
 –  Increasing acceptance of e-retailing among Indian consumers.
 –  Evolution of franchise businesses in Indian retail sector.
 –  IT trends in Indian retail industry and technological expansion leading to the stores’ security.
 –  Company profiles of 25 key players, which include 6 international retail brands.



The market research report, "The Indian Retail Sector - An Outlook (2005-2010)" has spread its analysis and discussions through different chapters in which chapter 2 gives an overview of the Indian retail sector while chapter 3 outlines the government policies and regulation framework. Chapter 4, giving an analysis of the retailing industry in India for 2005 gives the economic growth, organized market size and growth by segments, retail formats & regional segmentation, retail jobs and forecasts till 2010. Chapter 5 gives the Indian consumer demographics whereas chapter 6 discusses e-retailing in India. Chapter 7 provide real estate scenario whereas chapter 8 discuss FDI issues. Chapter 9 covers the evolution of franchising in India & the future and, chapter 10 gives the IT trends in Indian retail sector. Chapter 11 and 12 outline the recent issues and developments and the company profiles of key players in India, respectively.

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