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RFID in the Manufacturing Sector (2005)

RFID in the Manufacturing Sector (2005)

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Publish Date : Sep, 2005| No. of Pages : 80

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Independent market analysts predict that the market for RFID-applications is likely to exceed US $6billion worldwide by 2010, fuelling investors involved in manufacturing sector to aim for high growth returns. As potential opportunities for RFID technology are more visible, RFID rationales are being used as logistic solutions towards manufacturing houses for material maintenance, supply chain models, and asset tracking. The market research report “RFID in the Manufacturing Sector (2005)” by RNCOS, looks at RFID technology, its application in manufacturing, challenges in its wider adoption, and implementation options available to manufacturers.

As expected, the year 2006 will breathe new life to RFID in manufacturing sector. The trends witness more companies expanding their initial pilots for a mammoth growth reaching US $3billion, largely dominated by United States and Europe in usage of RFID applications within the manufacturing sector. However, the real challenge lies in the availability of low-cost specialized sensors and frequency tags for that competitive edge.

The three manufacturing industries that will drive RFID expenditure over the next three years are pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and automotive. However, much of the activities surrounding the growing RFID market, at present, are largely being generated by a series of mandates issued by retail chains. Leading retail marketers like Wal-mart, Tesco, and Target have instructed their suppliers to adopt RFID systems in the way benefiting packaging of consumer goods and their logistics.

The report, “RFID in the Manufacturing Sector (2005)” by RNCOS, gives an analysis of the use of RFID technology in the manufacturing sector, their alliances, new product developments, and current growth prospects. Therefore, this market research report is intended for both business professionals and investors who are on the lookout for new market opportunities as well as open to the application of RFID technology to improve their sales. It also focuses on the various building blocks in the application of RFID-enabled technologies in the manufacturing sectors, the recent issues, trends, and the revenue breakdown by geographical distribution and sales. 


 - Looks at the technology behind RFID and details some of the characteristics behind both the hardware and the software.
 -  Categorizes the global market for RFID software, hardware and services, by geographical distribution.
 -  Examines the ongoing challenges and limitations underlying implementation of RFID solutions in manufacturing units.
 -  Investigates the business strategy and scope of operation of 8 different RFID vendors.
 -  A list of vendor activities & a brief 'news review' of areas, which could be drivers of the value RFID-enabled processes  can bring to the manufacturing sector.
 -  Activities beyond the 'edge to edge'/'mandate' projects that have occupied many suppliers in 2004.
 -  Forecasts the RFID market from 2004 to 2010. This forecast includes vertical and geographical data as well as RFID technology.


Chapters 1 and 2 give you an overview of key industry trends and emerging RFID technology in the manufacturing sector. Chapter 3 discusses the application of the RFID technology in the manufacturing sector. Chapter 4 talks about the worldwide RFID market by geographic segmentation, products, and discusses the ongoing RFID projects worldwide. Chapter 5 tells about the largest suppliers in each category of RFID Systems. Chapters 6 and 7 talk about the recent developments and key players in the RFID Industry.

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